A little about me :)

First thing to note: I do not know what I am doing, that needs to be said. Totally new to writing blogs but not new to sports, this is something I’ve always wanted to try so here I go.

I’ve been reading blogs, listening to podcasts and consuming sports and sports media for as long as I can remember. Over the years I’ve developed so many takes and opinions and I’ve grown to a point to now I think I want to try my hand at blogging, I have no expectations for where this will take me but I think it’ll be a fun hobby.

My real name is Michael and I’m 23 years old at the time I’m writing this. I graduated about a year ago from USC with a degree in Psychology and I’m currently living in Washington DC. Planning to move to New York in a year or so, embracing DC while I’m here tho. As of right now I’m set to start grad school at Georgetown in the Spring but I really don’t see myself going through with it at this point in my life, I’m already in enough debt and I have no motivation and am not even sure if it’s the field I desire.

Some topics I hope to write about that aren’t sports include concerts, cities I visit and my experiences with them, and any current events that interest me, I’ll try to be funny but if you don’t like my humor then that sucks, I’m gonna write what I like cuz hey, its my page.

In my last semester of undergrad I took a Sports Commentary class that we got to write about sports and participate in debates every week and that is my closest thing to journalism I’ve ever tried. One of my favorite classes I took all of college and if somehow I could one day get paid to write about sports I think that would be a dream come true, would love to see where that took me.

One method that always helped me write throughout school was for my first draft of a paper to always be “not good, just done.” Which eventually would turn into maybe one or two more cleanings and I would get a C or a B on every paper I wrote. Not relevant to sports most of the time but just a point of reference for the quality I will be producing.

Anyways, yeah thats me and what I’m about, I don’t plan to be anywhere near good or perfect and would love for this to be more than a hobby but if not then hopefully life will figure itself out. Peace out 🙂

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