Nick Sirianni Doesn’t Like Miles Sanders

As a sorry ass Philadelphia Eagles fan myself, it pains me to watch Boobie be flat out ignored in the backfield. Through 5 games the Eagles have only ran 113 run plays which is the 7th lowest in the NFL. With a talent like Miles Sanders this is nothing short of criminal. Considering Jalen Hurts inconsistency passing (64% this season/59% career), you would think Nick Sirianni might to give it to his trusted starting RB. Hurts’ rushing might be doing well but even he has to realize he can’t keep doing everything for them. Especially down in the redzone when it is almost exclusively rushing touchdowns via Jalen calling his own number.

On the touchdown Philly took the lead with on Sunday, a read option Hurts kept, Sanders had an easy jump-cut to an walk-in tuddy. I’m not here to complain about how we score touchdowns though, I am happy we’re even getting them considering I expected us to be a bottom 5 team. All I want to point out is the fact that when they get down near the goal line there is more than one option to run it in that we never utilize. A back with that level of talent should not have 0 touchdowns and only 48 rushes (64 total touches) through 5 weeks.

With the amount of injuries that plagues the Eagles players every season, they can’t be micromanaging their skill players when they have them healthy. Sanders has the capability to be a top back in the NFL and has proven so when he gets the ball in his hands. I know Jalen Hurts can’t be at fault here, he is simply just going through his reads on the option plays. The only explanation must be Sirianni has some sort of beef with him, they aren’t good enough to be a reliable passing team yet he tries to force it into existence. Could this be the second coming of Andy Reid vs. LeSean McCoy, leading to Sanders exposing Sirianni after he leaves during the offseason for a team that respects his value as a running back? There is no logical reason for why he isn’t used other than Sirianni must not like him, if there is another possibility I am all ears, please tell me that is not the case – I have considered all options.

After painfully watching the safety caused by Jason Kelce snapping the ball over Hurts head and him hopelessly scrambling trying to get on top of it, it doesn’t seem like there are many upsides to their offensive play. While our line has only given up 10 sacks, Jalen always seems to be scrambling before throwing an incomplete pass or running out of bounds for 2 yards, showing the pass blocking weaknesses, why not trying running the ball Nicky?

Sanders didn’t really help my argument though when he got the ball towards the end of their gritty win against the Panthers on Sunday by intentionally running out of bounds when they were trying to milk clock. Can’t question taking him out the rest of the game after doing that in a game we would have been had no chance in if it weren’t for their DB’s balling out on defense. Maybe he was confused and thought there was still plenty of time left since he hardly saw the ball so draining the clock wasn’t necessary, who’s to say? Regardless of what happened, I don’t know how the Eagles pulled it out this week but, they did. They showed how gritty of a football team they can be after being down by two scores nearly the entire game. On to Tampa.

Give Miles Sanders the ball.

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