Jon Gruden The Type

I’m personally not shocked that Gruden would say these sorta of things. I am also not shocked that he doesn’t think saying these things would have any repercussions. He’s the type of guy who still doesn’t know how the internet works in 2021. The type of guy to say he’s not racist because he has black friends. The type to print out MapQuest for step by step directions for a family road trip. The type to have a physical boarding pass because his phone isn’t updated enough to have it on his phone. These have nothing to do with the topic, but it helps grasp my point that Gruden is out of touch and probably doesn’t realize the internet is forever and you can’t just say those sort of things, even if they are between people he considers friends.

Multiple sexist and racist emails are in question that came to light because of an on-going investigation into the Washington Football Team’s previous years of misconduct against many female employees. The Wall Street Journal and New York Times assisted in the leaking of this info.

I want to keep this short but all I want to say is that this is nothing new and without a doubt over the next many years stuff like this will continue to come out against many of our favorite athletes. I wouldn’t be surprised if in 10-15 years from now we find out someone as godly as Tom Brady has said some racist stuff or done something cancel-able a time or two. I do not want this to happen and honestly Tom Brady is maybe the one guy who is too beloved for people to damn him for life for something he said, he’s already been caught cheating in Super Bowls and most people hardly remember that. That hypothetical situation is a bit different to this and less extreme to the reality but you get the point. Anyways, I’d be lying if I claimed to have never said anything more fucked up than what Gruden is resigning over, not proud of it but growing up my friends and I thought that type of shit was funny. I’d also be lying if I didn’t crack a smile when I read what he said about Roger Goodell, I am who I am, sometimes I laugh at things I shouldn’t. I hate Goodell and I think it’s funny when even people who are close to him hate him and also think he’s a dipshit.

I know better but part of me always fears that some stupid shit I said in high school and before will somehow sneak up and fuck me over one day. Cancel culture will literally come after anyone and I’m no exception. The only way to possibly avoid it is to apologize before it’s too late. Not going to deny I’ve been a piece of shit in the past, can’t change that, just gotta continue to be better. 🙂

After thought: Roger Goodell 100% has ghosts in his closet that are similar to this whole debacle.

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