Week 2 Kickball Review

I have lived in Washington DC for almost 3 months now and one of the first things I learned is that there are many, many kickball leagues in the area and people take it very seriously. I knew like three people when I got here and one of them happens to now be my next door neighbor who is a part of one of them and I was quickly added to the team and made a bunch of new friends. That’s great, blah blah blah.

Anyways, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was expecting to hang out once a week, catch a buzz and kick a ball as far as I could. First thing I wish I knew was that the specific league we are in isn’t even on grass and we have to play in the parking lot behind Audi Field which means we cant dive for the ball, kinda wack but not enough to steer me away.

Luckily I have been trying to become more flexible and stretching every day for the last few weeks because it was clear in the top of the first inning that even me in right-center field (because there are like 11 positions I think) would be running quite a bit. I was sweating by the time it was our turn to kick which was a shock to me because 1. I was thinking I could wear my hoodie the whole time and be fine and 2. I am just not a guy who sweats a lot so I was rattled early.

No matter though, we alternated the order between guys and girls and I was up 7th in the lineup so I didn’t get up till the second inning where I started my career by kicking it far left foul into the “field” next to us and hitting their first baseman which I am actually incredibly proud about because it curved so hard and to be that accurate deserves praise. Had a good laugh then back to business, we had a man on third and 2 outs, I was able to hit it into the outfield, drew a run in and got to first. I will take an RBI single any day of the week, I’m a team player. Quick out number three after that though so I couldn’t show off my quickness which would surely raise my spot in the lineup.

The rest of the game went by fast, I think there are only five innings? I didn’t pay attention or read the rulebook but that sounds right to me. Hit a ground out the next time I was up and then to extend the game and prevent a run from scoring I saw our second baseman trying to catch a fly ball, knowing she was going to bobble I sprint over and catch the ball for the final out in that side before it hit the ground. Heads up play by me, not a big deal, just trying to win.

Didn’t matter though, we lost 3-4 and are now 0-2 so far this season. I didn’t make it to week 1 because of fatigue from the work day.

Main takeaway: this is far more serious than I anticipated but I am ready now and will be more than prepared for game 3. Will definitely stretch extra that day, we had one of our heavy hitters pull his quad during his first at-bat which probably cost us the game. Life goes on.

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