@nfl Injuries Can Be Tended to on the Sidelines

It’s pretty often that at least once a game, there will be a stoppage to tend to an injured player. And I need to preface this by stating that I do not want players to be hurt or be totally insensitive to any injuries. Having said that, a twisted ankle, turf toe, etc. can be taken care of off the field. Aside from a big injury like we saw two of unfortunately last week in the Sunday night and Monday night football games, move the players off the field. Darrell Taylor (DE for the Seahawks) and Taylor Lewan (OL for the Titans) were both immobilized and carted off the field in each of their respective games. They have both been reported as doing well and will be able to return this season. This is incredibly rare to happen even once a season, much less twice in one week.

Now, most injuries are no where near this level. People get banged up almost every play in the NFL and heading to the sideline is normal. But when a player hurts their wrist and lays down in the middle of the field and then disrupts the flow of the game it ruins the integrity of it all. It even happens that a player will go down and wait for the refs to blow the whistle so the game can be stopped when they are literally 5 yards from their own sideline. I don’t care if he needs to be carried or dragged, get him off the field so football can continue. Even an Achilles or ACL tear, while incredibly painful, they can be moved off the field and tended to elsewhere – it’s unlikely to get much worse so just shift them to the blue tent. Even worse is when they aren’t actually injured. I first developed this take years ago during an Eagles-Cowboys game when the Eagles had a good drive going in the 4th quarter, Dallas was out of timeouts so one of their defensive backs layed on the ground after a pass pretending to be hurt so the defense could catch its breath due to an injury timeout. He completely fabricated the injury just to get that extra timeout and faced no consequences.

An injury like Dak’s ankle definitely did deserve to stop the game cuz wtf ow

When a team is driving down the field and a minor injury that doesn’t require assistance to get to the sideline happens it totally throws off the momentum of the game and alters the games natural flow. Roger Goodell I’m sure has a deal where he instructs the hurt player to stop the game and get on the ground so the game can be paused, and he can get paid for running as many commercials as possible. It’s not about the welfare of the players it always has been and always will be about money so this is unlikely to change in the future. These players are getting paid outrageous amounts but when they suffer as little as a charlie horse the entire game needs to be paused and I’m here to finally call out their bullshit. There are backups and other players that can easily sub in for just a play, two plays or even the rest of the game. Even if a player just gets the wind knocked out of them, if they can’t catch their breathe and get up in less than 10-15 seconds it starts to be like “okay bud we’ve all been there now get up. You’re not Lebron James.”

This is a case by case argument of course. I had multiple concussions when I played in high school but I was never so dizzy I couldn’t get off the field, but I know that is not the norm. If a player is concussed to the point of almost being knocked out, it makes sense they can’t get to the sideline.

Again, life-threatening injuries do happen but it is so uncommon that the natural flow of the game should not be sacrificed to take care of something that will turn into nothing more than a bruise the next day.

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