NFL Week 7 Predictions and more

There aren’t a ton of good games on this Sunday. If it weren’t for the rainy weather I wouldn’t even be excited for the night game, honestly. Somehow the schedule worked out so that a lot of good teams are all playing a lot of bad teams. But who knows? I feel like whenever this happens there are a lot of surprising good games so let’s cross our fingers for some upsets.

Only six games to start in the 1:00 block. The Chiefs-Titans and Bengals-Ravens appear to be the best games of the day, was kind of hoping either of these would be flexed to the night game over the Colts-49ers. I expect the Chiefs and Titans to be a very high scoring game considering the Chiefs defense has given up over 28+ points in all but one game, but there offense still has Patrick Mahomes who can simply score at will. Packers-Football Team should go as expected and be a blowout. The other two are Panthers-Giants and Falcons-Dolphins, so I’m not even sure if a touchdown will be scored throughout the entirety of those so I don’t know if Scott Hanson will even acknowledge them during 7 hours of commercial free football on NFL Redzone.

you know you love him

The afternoon games will be more of the same it seems like. We’ve got Chicago @ Tampa Bay and Lions @ Rams. Two games that should result in one team from each covering the spread by a landslide. Philadelphia @ Las Vegas is a game that while I could see it going either way, I can’t imagine this being a very entertaining game. The Raiders are still questionably a good team, I’m not fully convinced still. And the Eagles are just a shit show, you never know which Eagles team is going to show up so it is impossible to predict them. And the fourth game of the afternoon is Jets @ Patriots… so that’s that, not really much to say there. Colts at Niners could be a surprisingly good game and I really hope it is, the rain I think will add to the drama and hopefully it is a muddy football game. Picturing Carson Wentz in a muddied Colts jersey isn’t a promising visualization I’d imagine for Indy fans.

Lastly, Saints @ Seahawks on Monday night could also turn out to be a good game. Seattle’s defense isn’t looking great and after Jameis posted another hilarious workout video, you know he’s going to have another banger of a game so I’m hoping to see some high scores tomorrow night.

Lock: Cardinals > Texans

Upset: Bengals > Ravens

Over: Chiefs @ Titans

Under: WFT @ Packers

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