NFL Week 8 Preview + Predictions (Week 7 Recap: Chiefs are too cute)

I need to be better. I was so lazy this week and didn’t put out a single blog and I apologize to all one person who read these. ❤ Anyways… 

Week 7

Starting out with a look back on a weird week of games. The biggest story coming out of last Sunday is without a doubt the Chiefs being in shambles and Mahomes’ injury. Even this far into a shitty season we it is still so weird to see Kansas City struggle against pretty much anyone in the regular season. Equally as weird is when they don’t come back even a little bit after being down by any score. Personally, it is still refreshing to see though. Mahomes and the Chiefs being too cute every other play and trying to be the flashiest team of all time so SportsCenter can suck them off for literally anything they do. “He Mahomesed it” is an actual sentence that is now being said when another professional quarterback does anything remotely athletic and unconventional. Call me a hater, I could not care less, the Chiefs dominance have become bad for football. 

Moving right along with some good reflections now. Aaron Rodgers is the man, and the Packers looked their usual selves on Sunday as expected playing WFT. Green Bay already played this week and while ending the Arizona Cardinals undefeated start without any of their 3 starting wide receivers, I bet them to win outright. I had a feeling that regardless of who was in, Rodgers and the rest of the offense would ball out. 

Another unexpected in the 2021 season is the AFC #1 Seed Cincinnati Bengals who clowned on the Ravens IN Baltimore. A dominating 41-17 victory over Lamar Jackson finally proved Cincy is the real deal and Joe Burrow can hang with the best. Nice to see the long process with many painfully bad years come together.

The most exciting game of the week as a viewer was out of nowhere the Falcons beating the Dolphins in a 30-28 barnburner that could have gone either way. Unfortunately for Tua, this game secured him and the Dolphins in the inevitable Deshaun Watson trade. Which, when it happens will very likely result in Roger Goodell blacklisting him from every playing again. 

Next up, the Patriots dropped a 50 burger on the New York Jets where Zach Wilson went out with an injury early in the game. Not much else to say. Boston sports fans are undoubtedly convinced the Patriots are back. 

The other New York team made the previously 3-0 Panthers look like absolute fools. Sam Darnold’s return to the Meadowlands was horrendous (112 passing yards on 16/25 completions) and if it weren’t for Miami also losing this week, Deshaun could’ve been thinking about Carolina as a place to go. (I say it as his choice because of his no-trade clause in his contract).

The Eagles, per usual, made the final score reflect a much closer game than it was – losing 22-33 to the Raiders. At this point I genuinely believe Jalen Hurts is a selfish player. His stats somehow do not look as bad as I expected going back afterwards and it annoys me. With potentially three first round picks the Eagles need to know that Hurts is not Mr. Right. 

Tampa Bay put the Bears into hibernation, and they will likely not be waking up until Spring. Almost literally euthanized them on the field. The Cardinals started their game against Houston down 5-0 at one point after a rocky first quarter they figured it out real quick, putting up points quick to win 31-5. 

Also, Kyler Murray’s head is still gigantic.

The Matthew Stafford and Jared Goff revenge games was a lot closer than I think most would have expected. The Rams did come out on top as just about everyone thought but the Lions once again put up a helluva fight. Rams win 28-19. At this point the Lions might be the best 0-7 team of all time. 

In Primetime the Colts pulled out a 30-18 victory against the 49ers who are surely down bad being in the best division in football. The game was actually disgusting to watch, it’s a shock that the over in that game hit with weather that gnarly. Not to mention Carson Wentz did his thing and turned the ball over in the most him way possible. It ended up being changed to a fumble but at the time it was the most brutal interception I may have ever witnessed. One thing I don’t miss about Wentz in Philly is his insane overconfidence in himself to make a highlight play every down. I don’t know how he has thrown only ONE (1) pick this season. 

And finally, Monday night had the Saints and Seahawks playing one of the most boring games thus far in the year. Final score of 13-10 says it all, New Orleans won. It is worth mentioning that after Jameis’ workout video last week, how could you not bet on New Orleans in that game. Eating W’s.

Week 8

This slate of games is sure to be better than last the NFL owes us after two rough weeks of football. Starting off with two teams who aren’t in the hunt: Carolina and Atlanta. This NFC south matchup I see going two ways. The Falcons recreate the Giants performance and make the Panthers look like clowns out there. Or alternatively, a close game throughout that ends with the last team to have the ball being the team who wins, probably on a game winning field goal. 

Titans-Colts is another divisional matchup we have this week. The Titans are coming into this game very hot, stomping the Chiefs last week and beating the Bills in Week 6. Can they keep this hot streak going and maybe butt their way into the playoff contender’s conversation, or will they finally cool off? This is already the second time these teams are meeting this season, which is crazy to think about since we aren’t even halfway done yet and these are the two teams in the AFC South who actually have a chance of getting into the playoffs. Tennessee did win at home in the first meeting, Bet MGM has Indianapolis as favorites at home this week though. And if it is of interest, the roof of the stadium will be open.

I am now realizing that there are A LOT of division games in Week 8. The Bills are up against the Dolphins in Buffalo, we all know how this game is going to end. The Steelers and Browns also meet this week in Cleveland. Baker Mayfield did return to practice and is projected to be playing. Pittsburgh has looked rough in their recent games, and it sounded crazy when it was brought to my attention today that the Steelers started 11-0 last season. That feels like a bizarre dream. Clevelands defense has been good and can prevent Big Ben and Najee from getting points. And, if Baker plays like he does when completely healthy, the Browns could quickly put this game to bed. 

I don’t even want to watch the Eagles play the Lions this week. It is going to be so painful when it’s us who gives them their first win. I do think Dan Campbell and Detroit should get a win this season and this may be their last chance but that doesn’t make me feel okay about it happening against Philly. I don’t even know how to bet on this game, literally anything could happen and it’s not at all wild to picture the Jalen Hurts having a day and the Eagles winning by double digits though.

The Bengals are going to New York to play the Jets. The Rams are going to Houston to play the Texans. I don’t think there is anything to expand on for either of these matchups. Two of the best teams in football against two of the worst, simple as that.

And the last of the morning games is San Fran heading to Chicago. This game could go either way. The 49ers are rightfully the favorites but they are not a very good football team. Justin Fields needs to have his first goodgame for the Bears to have a chance. Unlikely, but it totally could happen. 

I didn’t realize how big of a slate we have this week, I feel like I have been on Week 8 for a while already. 

The first of the four late games this week is the Jaguars in Seattle. Geno Smith is again starting with Russel Wilson’s hand injury still sidelining him. Nevertheless, I look forward to Russ going through his “candid” mock 2-minute drill before the game and SportsCenter hyping him up. Overall, the Seahawks have the better team and anyone can see that but with Geno as the starter for the time being, Trevor Lawrence has a chance to get his second W as a Pro in Seattle this week. This could be a sneaky good game and I would be wary gambling ML.

Next up, Patriots in LA facing the Chargers. If New England can pull this one out, I will give credit where credit is due and put them in the hunt. Either way, not better than the Bills in the AFC East but a potential wild card for sure. However, I always have a soft spot for the Chargers and I still believe they are one of the best teams in the AFC and still have a realistic shot at the top seed in the playoffs. The latter half of the regular season we could see Herbert heat up and make his case for MVP. Brandon Staley is already making a name for himself in LA and could be coach of the year. For this game though, it should be a good old-fashioned shootout, Bill Belichick doesn’t make it easy for offenses to score. The Chargers Over/Under is 27.5 which is a lot of points to be confident enough to bet on against Belichick. Patriots +5.5 is a spread I LOVE, especially considering the Chargers have a long history of winning or losing by one score.

After 3 straight losses, the Washington Football Team could get back in the winning column this week against the Broncos who have had their fair share of troubles on offense this season. Neither team has a real strong shot at the playoffs at this point in the season but could still produce a fun game to watch. Hate to say it but Teddy Two Gloves has not been playing well at all and his job could be on the line, he is currently their best option and that’s the only reason he is still starting in Denver. But Drew Lock has shown he can play too, he gets paid to play at this level too.

The final afternoon game and the final divisional bout of Week 8 has Jameis Winston going against his old team. Tom Brady and the Bucs should manage the Saints but Jameis could eat yet another W, after all, he was the 2015 first overall pick. Realistically, Tampa will win and cover the -4.5 spread. Is that a rat line? I hope not because I really like that spread, we’ll see.

To end this fantastic slate of games, we have the Cowboys at Vikings in primetime Sunday Night Football. Both teams fresh off the bye, should be well-rested. Dak Prescott is currently listed as a game-time decision due to a strained calf. I would be shocked if this was enough to keep him out from SNF. In the event of Dak actually sitting out, who is the Cowboys next man up? After cutting Ben DiNucci, Cooper Rush (who?) would get the start for Dallas. Kirk Cousins will never be good enough in my eyes and even if Rush does start, Minnesota’s offense will struggle just as much. The Cowboys have a great defense this year and I’m quickly talking myself into putting money on Trevon Diggs getting his eighth (8) interception in their eighth game of the season. (Blog Idea: Trevon Diggs should be the mid-season MVP). The Vikings have played pretty good, the Cowboys have played really good this season. Dak’s presence will determine how this game goes.


Tomorrow night the Giants are heading to Kansas City to play the Chiefs. From everything I have read, there aren’t any official injury statuses on Patrick Mahomes for this week. He has been present but not participating at practices this week and interacted with some media which is a good indication he doesn’t have a concussion which would likely keep him from even attending practice to be safe. Whatever the case may be with him, the Chiefs are currently sitting at 3-4 and still have the sole possession of last place in the AFC West. They need to be able to win games against these types of opponents, now more than ever, if they want to have any hope of turning the season around. If Chad Henne does start this game at QB, the Chiefs still have more than enough talent to overpower the Giants and win. Clyde Edwards-Helaire remains on IR this week with his MCL sprain so Darrel Williams and Jerick McKinnon will be the two Andy Reid looks to at running back. Could see McKinnon getting more attention this week after minimal usage in Week 7.

That’s all 14 games today and tomorrow. Only 2 teams with bye’s this week, Baltimore and Las Vegas. Very excited to see how this week goes, I don’t know how it could be possible for this week to disappoint. Exciting stuff.

Sunday Funday Picks: 
I pick one game from each of the four categories below and combine them into a parlay which I put real money on.

Lock: Buccaneers > Saints (-4.5)
Could be a rat line but I really don’t think it is, Bucs are good enough to win by double digits.
Upset: Lions > Eagles (+3.5)
I hate to do this to the Eagles, but the Lions could win this outright and I really think they are just bound to get their first win of the year.
Over: Dolphins @ Bills (O 48.5)
The Bills have shown that they could literally do this on their own, I love this over pick.
Under: Steelers @ Browns (U 42)
Both offenses are banged up and both defenses are good at keeping scores low.

Last Weeks Predictions: 3-1
Lock: Cardinals > Texans – W
Upset: Bengals > Ravens – W
Over: Chiefs @ Titans -L
Under: WFT @ Packers – W

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