Looking Back at Week 8 (I suck)

So, as it turns out, even though I didn’t predict the individual games all that great, I was right about this week’s slate not disappointing. There were a lot of really fun games to watch, a lot of shockers, and only a few snores. Let’s get into it.

Eagles ran all over the Lions, W 44-6. This game was partially expected, I guess. I did literally bet on the Lions to get their first win outright but part of me kind of thought they had a chance of just clowning a team that bad. However, in no way did I think it would be like that. Hurts played pretty well, only throwing for just over 100 yards. But honestly, what the f*ck Sirianni. I seriously am lost on what they are trying to do in Philadelphia. Clearly, they can run the ball pretty damn well. Even against Detroit, they literally waited for Miles Sanders to get hurt to utilize their run offense, further proving my point that Nick Sirianni has something against Miles Sanders.

Bills get an underwhelming victory here, W 26-11 covering the spread late in the game. I really thought the Bills would have another blowout where they win by 30 here. I’m going to blame this on nothing else besides it being an inter-divisional matchup. They came out slow and didn’t pick it up till after the first half, going in 3-3 at halftime. For the Dolphins, Tua didn’t look THAT bad, not great either though. Update on Josh Allen: still great.

Bears played better than normal but not enough, San Fran won 33-22. Jimmy G was back to throwing over 300 yards, never got sacked and overall looked decent again. Love to see it. Deebo Samuel had himself a day too with 170 yards receiving on only 6 catches. When a defense lets that happen, not much a defense can’t do against you late in the game. For Chicago, Justin Fields definitely has improved and when he scrambled for that 22 yard touchdown, he closely resembled Lamar Jackson’s running. Could reach that level with improvements around his team in my opinion, I think he’ll be exciting to watch in the beginning of his career, has a bright future.

Knew the under would hit in this, Steelers always keep it a low scoring game when on the road, Pittsburgh wins 15-10. Baker Mayfield looked good considering his shoulder. Jarvis Landry seemingly forgot how to catch a football and while he still had 65 receiving yards, he dropped half of his 10 targets. For Pittsburgh, Najee remained consistent and had a nice day, just under 100 rushing yards and a touchdown. This game came down to the wire and if a player celebrates as hard as Baker did after getting thrown into his own bench, you better go down and win the game after. In his defense though, Jarvis Landry dropped an easy pass that ended their chances. Only other thing to note is Chris Boswell posted on Instagram that he is doing okay after getting wrecked when he attempted a pass on a fake field goal attempt.

Trigger Warning

Sam Darnold led the Panthers to a 19-13 win. Carolina finally played well to stop their losing streak after a hot start early in the season. Honestly, I only remember a few things from this game, there wasn’t a ton of excitement aside from when I though Sam Darnold’s head got taken off and Matt Ryan’s hand getting stomped on and bleeding out. Sad news about Calvin Ridley though, I hope he gets better and can return and ball out again soon. I got in a heated argument with a guy from work today about players leaving for mental health reasons. Eventually had to bite my tongue and stop talking to him before I snapped on him. One of the only things I got out of majoring in Psychology in college was an appreciation for mental health.

Shutting down Derrick Henry for the most part wasn’t enough to stop the Titans from winning in overtime 34-31. Hated hearing about Henry being done for 6-10 weeks and needing foot surgery today. I genuinely thought he could have broken Eric Dickerson’s record for rushing yards in a season. Plus, I would have loved to see a non-QB win MVP and he had been making a strong case for it. Without him for parts of the game, AJ Brown still had a hell of a day with over 150 yards. This game essentially sealed up the AFC south standings. The Colts, while they still have more than half the season left, already lost both matchups to the Titans and now Indy has to compete against pretty much the entire AFC North, the Chargers or the Raiders and likely the Patriots for the last wild card spot. Last things to point out from this game: Michael Pittman Jr. is a baller and Carson Wentz turning the ball over in funny ways on a weekly basis is back. Might have been the shortest pick 6 I have ever watched live, and I loved it.

The refs spat on Cincy’s last chance to win this game with a bizarre unnecessary roughness call. There was absolutely no other way the cornerback could have tackled him especially when the ball carrier lowered his head into the tackler. This is the last time I have multiple parlays with the same teams because this game ruined my whole day of betting pretty much. Anyways, the Jets won this game 34-31. The Bengals should have killed the Jets here and shouldn’t have been in a losing position to begin with to be fair. That doesn’t make me any happier with the outcome. If the Bengals want to remain a top team in the AFC playoff picture they can’t afford to lost to teams like the Jets. Props to New York though, Mike White balled out and has already been named the starter for Thursdays game against the Colts. Another 400 yard performance and they can surely win back to back games. He was the first 400 yard passer for the Jets in like 20 years, Zach Wilson will probably be benched once he’s healthy again until Mike White cools off again. This game actually put me into a crippling depression and set the tone for the rest of 7 hours of commercial free football… sad. AFC North is the new NFC West.

Not much to say here, this is what we all expected: Rams win 38-22. 38-0 going into the fourth quarter and the garbage time players for LA let the Texans get 22 unanswered allowing them to cover the +16.5 spread. Devastating blow to those who bet on the Rams line there. Oof.

New England came to play, LA wasn’t ready: Pats win 27-24. Bummed to admit the Chargers might not be the team many people thought they were. They’ve been better, from what I gathered, it came down to Bill Belichick being Bill Belichick and the Patriots defense shutting down Keenan Allen and Justin Herbert. The Patriots offense fully exposed and took advantage of the Chargers biggest weakness that is their run defense. Maybe the patriots are good now? It’ll be tough making a playoff spot in the AFC and not being in the AFC North, but they still have to play the Bills twice in December which will be a dogfight to end the season.

Seattle was up 2+ scores immediately, won 31-7. Geno Smith always covers the spread, take notes. That is about all I can say about this game. Also, Trevor Lawrence is probably a bust, confirmed.

The Saints fully have Tom Brady’s number, New Orleans wins 36-27. Brady has now lost 3 straight to New Orleans and he did not play well almost the whole day on Sunday. A lot happened in this game. Jameis Winston ended up tearing his ACL and damaging his MCL, ending his season which was heartbreaking because he is so fun and funny to watch play. The fans were genuinely upset when he got hurt too, their reactions in the stands when he left showed how much they love him. Gronk left the game early too with back spasms. Trevor Siemien held the Bucs off the rest of the game and actually played better than expected leading multiple scoring drives. The defense really shined though for New Orleans, clamping Tom Brady and Mike Evans. Taysom Hill might be back next week to take over for Siemien, not sure how that’ll work, I personally have never thought Taysom Hill should be a starting QB in the NFL, he should purely be used as just Athlete. Last thing I have to say, Ronald Jones should be used more even though Leonard Fournette is RB1, Rojo is still useful, but he doesn’t get touches.

One of the few boring games of the day, Denver W 17-10. Heinicke stunk and threw a hilarious game ending hail mary attempt that went about 20 yards out of the back of the endzone. For the Broncos though, Teddy Two Gloves didn’t perform all that great either. And as we found out today, Von Miller is now an LA Ram. Not sure how that’ll work, I honestly thought Von Miller had been hurt for most of this season before actually looking to see he’s played all but one game so far. I guess a good veteran pickup for LA, definitely a plus but not a star anymore if that’s what they were hoping for.

I really didn’t think Dak’s injury would have kept him out here, but I was wrong yet again. After publishing my predictions blog, I thought about it and even without him, the Cowboys are so loaded on both sides of the ball + Kirk Cousins playing in primetime, Dallas is the better team. And they showed that all game. Cooper Rush played quite well and threw a dot to Amari Cooper for the game-winner, if Dak is out any longer, which he shouldn’t be, Cooper Rush can hold his own as a backup. Bad news on the defensive front though, Trevon Diggs was out the last drive of the game with an apparent ankle injury. Fortunately, this appears to just be an ankle sprain and he’s fine. The Cowboys need to be careful though before so many injuries start to pile up, Tyron Smith left with an ankle injury in the second quarter. Dallas wins, 20-16.

The Giants put on a hell of a show and could have won this game. Patrick Mahomes is still not back to what we still expect, he didn’t even look like he was having any fun out there at all now that the Chiefs aren’t a powerhouse. Before Mahomes can truly be an all-time great and solidify himself, he needs to have a bad season or two to know both sides of the spectrum. It was obvious from the start the Giants would cover the +10.5 spread easily here. Chiefs really needed this win tonight, almost blew it though, held on for a 20-17 win at home.

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