All the Last Minute Week 9 Things You Need to Know in the NFL (Plus This Weeks Picks)

***Writing this on Friday Night, will update with any big changes that could majorly effect the games should any injuries or anything happen.

Raiders @ Giants
Two things real quick – Henry Ruggs is a fucking loser and an idiot and I have no sympathy for his dumbassery. And two, after last week, the Raiders are the clear number one in the AFC West. The Giants have been covering well and definitely played well enough on Monday night to beat the Chiefs so I wouldn’t totally count them out of this game, and I do think they will cover again. But to pick a winner, the Raiders are simply the better team. Lastly, with Desean Jackson being waived by the Rams and the Ruggs situation, the Raiders should try and pick him up considering they have the same exact role.

Falcons @ Saints
Now with Jameis Winston out, I don’t know how the Saints will hold out the remainder of the season. Taysom Hill is in no way a 100% starter and I don’t think he can be, Trevor Siemien isn’t the worst option I guess and he played well enough coming in last week. Plus, it’s Atlanta so they could get bailed out this week with the Falcons being the Falcons and Calvin Ridley being out indefinitely. I think this game comes down to Alvin Kamara, if he gets the ball a lot and plays well, they will win. A simple solution this week.

Bills @ Jaguars
Buffalo struggled a little more than anyone expected them to against the Dolphins last week but still ended up covering last week. However, the Jaguars are so much behind even Miami. Urban Meyer has lost the locker room, no one on the team wants to play for them at the halfway point of the season, it is so sad. The Bills should go down to Jacksonville and deliver an old-fashioned shit kicking. Bills -14.5 I think is an easy bet to make.

Browns @ Bengals
Last season these games were shootouts and both games had over 60 points scored. Both teams are even better this year and can score a lot. I think Odell being removed from the team only helps Cleveland’s chances. Odell is now a cancer wherever he goes and will be a controversial, problem player anywhere. Having said that, Bill Belichick can work wonders and he is the only person I think who would have a chance at fixing him and I think would be interesting to see Odell give it a try in New England. Back to this game though, the Bengals got rattled by the Jets last week and I think it woke them the hell up and they will bounce back this week. Either way this goes, Over 47 points is free money here. Whoever loses this game likely won’t make the playoffs and the winner will be one of the three teams that makes it from the AFC North.

Patriots @ Panthers
While I truly believe the Patriots are back and will make the playoffs, this game made me pause before still going in on New England. The Panthers aren’t who we originally thought in the beginning, but I still think they have a chance to keep this game close. I feel a little silly after now saying that. Patriots -3.5 could be a rat line but regardless, worth the risk to hit that line.

Broncos @ Cowboys
The Broncos are literally in shambles, no more Von Miller, Teddy isn’t it, Dak is probably back, Cooper Rush is good enough if not, so many offensive and defensive weapons. This will be another Week 9 shit kicking. Cowboys -10, book it.

Vikings @ Ravens
Two purple teams, only happens once every 4 years. This game I think looks better on paper then it will turn out. Based on the stats, Baltimore plays great after a bad loss in their previous game (Loss to Cincy 41-17) AND they are coming off a bye which history has very much been on their side upon returning. Dalvin Cook hasn’t met expectations and neither has Thielen, I really do believe Lamar takes over this game passing and running. Ravens -5.5.

Texans @ Dolphins
Tyrod Taylor is back this week?? Overall, still an ass team but they Dolphins are right there with them. I think with Tyrod, Texans can take this game, especially with the +5.5 points. Somehow the over/under is 46.5, seems like another rat but this should be an EASY under to bet. Both offenses are god awful and can’t get in the endzone. Hope I don’t eat my words on Sunday night, but this game will probably not even be touched on by Scott Hanson.

Chargers @ Eagles
I follow a strict code whenever I am attending games: bet on the team you don’t want to win. This way if you go and your team wins, you got to see them win live but if they lose, at least you made some money. I’m going up to Philly Saturday morning and I’ve never actually seen the city so I’m excited, probably getting a tattoo the morning of the game too, yippee. For the actual game, Philly looked amazing last week so the spread is only +1.5 for the Eagles. However, I am putting that entirely on them playing the Detroit Lions who literally buried the game tape in the ground the next day. Chargers win this game and easily cover that low spread. The Eagles are not good and even though they may have just now decided to run the ball more and that is the Chargers biggest weakness, I don’t trust the Eagles to string back to back wins together.

Packers @ Chiefs
Apparently Vegas is still believing the Chiefs can turn it on whenever and shit on any team. As of right now, the line is Chiefs -7. Even with Jordan Love starting I am very much not a believer in Kansas City against anyone this year. They hardly beat the Giants on Monday and did not look elite doing it. If the Packers can win without any of their starting receivers, I think they can win with some of them back and their back up QB in. Bang the Packers +7 this week, I think they win outright but even if they don’t the Chiefs are messed up everywhere but especially on defense and will give up points keeping this game close if they are up. Also, stats to note: Chiefs are 2-6 so far this year vs. the spread. The Packers are the best team vs. the spread over the last year.

Cardinals @ 49ers
Kyler Murray is not expected play after getting banged up according to some reports. Colt McCoy would start in his place if he is in fact out. There is a reason Colt McCoy still has a backup job in the NFL and that is because he is one of the best #2’s to have should you need to call on him. Not only that but the 49ers are winless so far at home and 1-9 against the spread in their last 10 games. I’ve got Cardinals +2.5 this week and would consider just betting Moneyline even.

Titans @ Rams – SNF
Tennessee continues to be one of the most disrespected teams in the league but as of right now they have the top seed in the AFC with the Bengals shitting the bed last week. However, Derrick Henry has to get surgery which is heartbreaking and have now signed Adrian Peterson’s old ass to temporarily take his place. The Rams, with the new addition of Von Miller, are on paper the better team through and through. The line as of now is Rams -7.5 and LA is 11-2 vs. the spread going into this week. Hard not to bet Rams here, I think the loss of by far their best player might be too much for the Titans to overcome. AJ Brown has been balling out, but I still think the Rams are just too good here even if I personally want to see LA lose. Also, it should be noted: including last week the Titans over has hit in 14 of their previous 16 games!

Bears @ Steelers – MNF
The Steelers are straight up the better team here and Justin Fields is still trying to figure things out. He is getting better, but I don’t see the Bears being able to really do much this week in Pittsburgh. Steelers at -6.5 seems like a reasonable bet, I was going to say hammer the Under but as of right now it is 39.5 which is not a lot of points so I would be wary.

On the Bye:
Detroit Lions, Washington Football Team, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Seattle Seahawks

Sunday Funday Picks:
Last week I turned my picks from the four below categories into a parlay, I did horrible last week and will no longer be doing the parlay but still actually will bet these games this week.

Lock: Bills -14 vs. Jaguars
Bills are just way too good to be win by anything less than 20 this week. The Jaguars are so so bad.
Cardinals +2.5 vs. 49ers
Colt McCoy or Kyler Murray, regardless, Arizona has so many weapons on offense and San Francisco has not been good at home so far this season.
Titans @ Rams O45.5
The stats don’t lie that the Titans put up points and against a high powered offense like the Rams, this week should be no different.
Texans @ Dolphins U46.5
Both of these team are god awful and 47 is just too many points for them to cover.

Last Weeks Predictions: 1-3
Lock: Bucs > Saints – L
Upset: Lions > Eagles – L
Over: Dolphins @ Bills – L
Under: Steelers @ Browns – W

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