Week 9 Instant Recap: Underdog Week

So unfortunately, I did not get to watch a ton of football on Sunday because I was in Philadelphia for the Eagles-Chargers game. I had a tattoo appointment at 12 so I didn’t get to see much of the 1pm games but I was able to catch up on all of them throughout the rest of Sunday and all day today I was going through some of what happened. As for the 4pm games, I didn’t see really anything other than what has been reposted on Twitter on Instagram. Regardless, absolute mania happened, and I’m not even upset I was so wrong because just about every single person on the planet also was. If I didn’t have such a good time at the game, I would’ve regretted not being able to sit on my ass and watch the games on redzone this weekend.

Browns @ Bengals: 41-16
Pretty much confirmed that everyone spoke to soon about Cincinnati. At this point, the only way I see them making playoffs is if they win out. It was really fun to root for them and see them kick the shit out of the Ravens a few weeks ago. Joe Burrow totally has potential to still rock the league, but he looked real bad on Sunday. As for Cleveland, Odell: confirmed a cancer. Baker Mayfield quite literally always plays far better without him being a factor in the game. The overall team chemistry flows so much smoother and there is nothing but benefits to the Browns ridding them of OBJ.

Broncos @ Cowboys: 30-16
The score doesn’t give the Broncos justice for what they did yesterday. Dallas only scored during garbage time, before the last 11 minutes of the 4th quarter they were held to 5 first downs. This game was brutal for the Cowboys and Denver’s defense had themselves a day. Was Von Miller holding them back? He hasn’t played for the Rams since the trade but maybe just his presence makes defenses suck now. Their defense looked awesome, but so did their running game on offense. Melvin Gordon got going and allowed Teddy B to throw the ball deep which, evidently, he is really good at. The whole offense plays better when the run is established and ruined the Cowboys perfect record versus the spread. A -10 spread seemed so easy for the Cowboys of last week against the abysmal Broncos.

Texans @ Dolphins: 9-17
I really do not care about this game if I’m being honest. Jacoby Brissett played and played good as the starter after it was announced Tua wouldn’t play that morning. Tyrod Taylor made no difference for the Texans, Davis Mills could’ve played like he did on Sunday. The craziest thing that happened this game was that there were nine (9) turnovers, which is kind of awesome, 5 interceptions and 4 fumbles. I love good defensive games when I don’t have to watch them. Just love to hear about them. Can someone find out for me if any fans actually attended this game?

Falcons @ Saints: 27-25
The Saints exclusively will beat really good teams and lose to bad teams. They almost came back but thanks to the Braves winning the World Series, the curse has been broken. Atlanta held on here, Matt Ryan’s crushed hand from last week is healed and came to play. He is also now top 7 in NFL history for most fourth quarter comebacks by a quarterback, 1 of 3 still active. I feel bad for him though because even though he will likely be in the Hall of Fame one day, his legacy is ruled by him choking in Super Bowl 51. Last things regarding these teams, Sean Payton needs to use Taysom Hill way more than he did, Siemien is not going to win them very many games as the starter without switching in Taysom like they used to.

Raiders @ Giants: 16-23
The Giants won ugly yesterday, but they won. They beat a team that was undoubtedly better than them. They are 5-4 against the spread this season and I am talking myself into betting them from every week here on out. Las Vegas has to hang this games loss on everything that has happened this season outside of football. With Gruden and Ruggs’ drama it is possible that the emotions got to them finally and that’s why the game went the way it did at the end. Final takeaway: I called it, the Raiders signed Desean Jackson to replace Henry Ruggs because they are essentially just the same exact player.

Patriots @ Panthers: 24-6
Sam Darnold sucks. We all knew this before the season started, it just took a while for it to be fully confirmed he is the same player he was in New York. He even acknowledged his ass play after the game saying, “I’m aware I didn’t play my best football.” At least he had the urgency to address this so the media didn’t roast him as much as they could have. I don’t think Bill Bellichick second guessed facing Darnold on his new team. He owns him and will as long as he plays him. Matt Rhule, Carolina’s head coach, indirectly called him out as well, admitting he’s lost trust in Darnold and knows he isn’t the guy they need. Like I brought up last week, Odell going to the Patriots is still a possibility because we have seen Bill bring in players with that drama factor before (Josh Gordon and Antonio Brown). I don’t think this is in the cards anymore with New England rolling like they are. They’re winning games without a big name player on offense and now have a very realistic chance to take the AFC East from behind.

Originally tweeted by Barstool Sportsbook (@BSSportsbook) on November 7, 2021.

Bills @ Jaguars: 6-9
All I have been hearing and been told about this absolute shit show is that Josh Allen > Josh Allen. Which is hilarious. Easily Josh Allen’s worst game in the last 3 seasons if not his entire career, he got sacked 4 times for -35 yards. Unable to watch this game, I kept thinking the scoreboard at the stadium was broken or wasn’t updating. I think it was universally thought that we were all just waiting for the Bills to flip a switch like they eventually did to cover the spread last week vs. Miami. Jacksonville’s defense balled out I guess, and their offense still stunk. They could have won by a million but only needed 3 made field goals to win this game against a team we thought would destroy nearly every opponent they faced this season. A feat I saw that blew my mind is that the Bills only made it into the Red Zone in the beginning of the game. Buffalo needs to get their shit together before the panic button is pressed when the Patriots catch up.

Vikings @ Ravens: 31-34
I don’t think anyone will disagree with me when I say that the Vikings are the team that will play down or up to their opponent whoever that may be. They should be better than their record shows but they’re not. They don’t close against good teams they have a lead on like they did a majority of the game against the Ravens yesterday. They’ve got to know by now that something has to change, it isn’t just the game running out of time or bad breaks at this point. Whether it is the quarterback or the coaching, whatever it is is not working for the potential their roster holds. The defense didn’t help either, Baltimore was able to get 36 first downs! While this game was close and the Ravens had to come back to even have a chance at winning this, they were the better team through and through. Baltimore’s offense gets it done but the defense is by far the weak point.

Chargers @ Eagles: 27-24
The Eagles are still so confusing. They might be good? Jalen Hurts played really well and gave 110% diving for multiple first downs to keep drives alive. Devonta Smith had himself a day, 116 yards and tuddy on only 5 catches! I had to cop a jersey while I was at this game and it’s safe to say he is the guy we wanted and our weapon of the future. The Eagles never trailed by very much throughout the game, but the Chargers still prevailed on a game winning field goal in the final seconds. The Chargers are hard to bet on now, I never know how they are going to play against anyone this season, any given week they’re a different team.
I still don’t trust Sirianni and the fan who threw flowers on him after the game headed into the tunnel is a savage and that is honestly pretty hilarious after what he said last week about the team being like a flower. Last thing about this game, I can say I was in attendance for the longest drive in NFL history that didn’t result in points. The Chargers went 98 yards and didn’t score because they go on fourth down every single drive. I don’t know, I thought it was a fun fact.

Packers @ Chiefs: 7-13
Confirmed: Jordan Love, not ready for the NFL. Also confirmed: Patrick Mahomes, throughout the remainder of his career will never be considered a ‘bad’ quarterback, if he isn’t doing good, everyone has to just assume he is injured no matter what. The main thing to take from this game was that Aaron Rodgers would have won this game by a landslide. The Chiefs are cheeks and got lucky enough to win this game. The Packers were able to cover the spread in the end though, so that was nice of them to help us all out. Overall, I’m not upset at all about seeing the Chiefs figure out a way to win this week, all it means is that they will still be a reliable team to bet against because Vegas sees them winning.

Cardinals @ 49ers: 31-17
With no Kyler, no Hopkins, no AJ Green, and no JJ Watt, the Arizona Cardinals dismantled the 49ers in San Francisco in their own stadium. I can’t tell if this game exposed the Niners sucking more or the cardinals just being a really sound and good team (performance wise and coaching). Kyle Shanahan’s job in San Francisco is in jeopardy sooner than expected after a good win in their previous game but a poor performance yesterday changed that. They have a good team on paper, but they seem to have no chemistry on either side of the ball and allowed James Conner to single-handedly dominate. Only good thing to say is it was nice to see Kittle get back to playing.

Titans @ Rams: 28-16
The Titans kicked the shit out of the Rams the whole night. Matt Stafford was so far off, he looked like the worst version of himself (the Detroit Lions version). He did not play well but to be fair no one for them did it was not all on his shoulders. In all seriousness though, the Titans might be the baddest fvckin team in the NFL, their offense is just good. Back on top of the AFC. That’s all I have to say on this one. I’m tired.

Bears @ Steelers:
Tonight’s game was a lot different than I anticipated. I was thinking this was going to be a very low scoring game and the Steelers to cover the spread with ease. To my surprise though, Justin Fields played well for the most part, I will say, while it may have been an incompletion, he threw the ball about 75 yards on a pass to Mooney down the sideline. Once the Bears get rid of Matt Nagy and gather a few more pieces to help out Fields, they have a good foundation to make it back to the playoffs in the next couple of years. The refs really did hate on them tonight though. Taunting is really the worst penalty that could ever be called. It’s a man’s sport and they should be allowed to celebrate when they get a game saving sack. The NFL is trying to make it a robotic, emotionless, boring game and I’ve yet to find another football fan who can identify one positive part of it. Anyways, the Steelers drove down the field for a game winning field goal in the final minute of the game and then the Bears attempted a 65 yard field goal that fooled everyone into thinking it was off the crossbar but was actually 15 yards short. Justin Fields deserves a lot of props and respect from how he handled this game.

What a week, man. I am physically and mentally exhausted from this football weekend. The city of Philadelphia is way better than everyone says. As an imported Eagles fan, I was welcomed in with open arms and they amplified how fun this game was to watch. I love sports.

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