NFL Week 10 Slate:

No pictures or links this week because I’m finishing this while in a moving car.

I really hope I’m able to watch I’m able to watch some more football this weekend than I was last week when I went to Philly. Unfortunately, my friends and I are going to some lake for the weekend and I don’t know if our Airbnb has a tv and we come home Sunday. Luckily, it is a lot closer so I shouldn’t miss a whole lot but I’m honestly wishing I didn’t commit to it at this point because I would rather sit at home and watch 7 hours of commercial free football.

NOTE: I don’t usually cover the Thursday night games but I’m pissed about this one for obvious reason. In no universe are the Ravens inferior to the Dolphins and with fumbles, interceptions and drops Baltimore deserved to lose that game as bad as they did and should feel like pieces of shit this weekend.

Saints @ Titans (-3):
Based off last weeks games, these teams could not be on further opposite trajectories. The Titans are emerging as one of the best teams in the NFL this season and are an AFC power house at the moment. The Saints on the other hand looked weak and disoriented. As of right now, it’s unclear whether or not Simien or Taysom are going to start. Either way though, Tennessee is the better team by far through and through and they proved that last week without Derrick Henry. Titans should not only win but cover the spread, I’m surprised it is as close as it is, possible rat line??

Bills @ Jets (+13):
This is the perfect opportunity for the Bills to get themselves out of slump. A shocking loss to the Jaguars last week was embarrassing for the franchise as a whole and they started out extremely rough the week prior to the Dolphins. The fact that it’s a divisional matchup makes me wary though. The Jets beat the Titans and broke the Bengals this season and are in perfect position to shock Buffalo on Sunday. Still not enough for me to say the Jets have a fair shot at winning outright but 13 is a lot of points to cover.

Lions @ Steelers (-8.5):
Steelers win and should cover here, they typically don’t play high scoring games either so I expect not much difference in this game. Before their bye week in week 9, the Lions let the Eagles drop 40 on them. The Steelers tend to take their foot off the gas after they get the lead so the spread is a little large for it to not be a risky bet but ML is a lock.

Jaguars @ Colts (-10.5):
The Jaguars will no doubt be feeling hot after beating Buffalo last Sunday but the Colts are still playing great football. Carson Wentz has surprised everyone, even if he has his typical shenanigan plays where he thinks he can do anything. Regardless, the Colts tend to leave their starters in for a while after they take a considerable lead so the likelihood of the Jaguars covering is low and a comeback even less.

Buccaneers @ WFT (+9.5):
Tampa had the week off after losing to the Saints on Halloween. The Football Team should be a good bounce back game for them. WFT really doesn’t have a lot of upside right now, they are pretty bad everywhere. Tom Brady is historically very successful after bye weeks and especially after losses, this game should fit this narrative to a T.

Browns @ Patriots (-2):
This might be the game of the week. I recently placed a bet for the Patriots to end up winning the AFC East over the Bills who have been struggling. The Browns though, after beating the Bengals and ridding themselves of Odell no doubt have a bit of pep in their step now. Not saying this is the overall determining factor but whether or not Nick Chubb passes all Covid protocols can have a huge impact on how this game goes. It’s tough to make a prediction without that but as of today he has tested negative so Cleveland is optimistic about his status by Sunday. If he plays, it should be close but without him I believe New England takes another huge step towards securing an AFC playoff spot.

Falcons @ Cowboys (-9.5):
This is another great opportunity for a team who unexpectedly played poorly in their last game to redeem themselves and get back on track. The Falcons also played well against the Saints but the Cowboys barring another meltdown should run circles around them on offense and their defense should be able to contain Matt Ryan and Kyle Pitts.

Panthers @ Cardinals (-10):
Extremely happy to see Cam Newton back in Carolina, I’ve always been a fan of him and am glad a team finally decided to give him a call. That being said, I don’t think this changes much, they for sure have a better chance with him over Darnold but regardless, it’s the Cardinals. Cam will likely play but being in Arizona, this game won’t be easy. Although, 10 points is a lot, Cam is far more likely to cover the spread than Darnold would be but getting a win is a stretch. Win or lose, I hope Cam has a good return.

Vikings @ Chargers (-3.5):
Both teams know they need to win this game. The Vikings if they want to keep their playoff hopes alive need this game and dependent on their running back situation could start by running all over the Chargers D-line. However, the Chargers, who barely beat the Eagles last week should be pretty desperate to keep this streak going to get back on top of the AFC West now that the Raiders are back within striking distance. Either way, should be a high scoring game and I think the Chargers have the better offense. However, as long as I’ve followed football the Chargers have been notorious for losing games they need.

Seahawks @ Packers (-3.5):
This matchup is a lowkey classic in my eyes since Russ has been in the league and now that he is back it should still be fun to watch. Rodgers status definitely determines how this game will go, I am basing my whole pregame judgement on him playing. Green Bay is the more sound team and I don’t think they lose this but I definitely don’t think the -3.5 is a rat line. The Packers have only not covered the spread once this season with Aaron Rodgers in at QB and are in a prime position to better that record if he returns. I can see DK Metcalf having a solid game against the Packers DBs as well.

Eagles @ Broncos (-3):
In their loss last week, Jalen Hurts and the Eagles played really well. However, the Broncos absolutely booked out and defensively dominated the well-rounded Cowboys. I think because they are favored and America saw what they can do they are going to be humbled by the Eagles this Sunday. Philly will at least cover the spread but have a great chance to win outright.

Chiefs @ Raiders (+2.5):
If Jordan Love were to have played even mediocre last week during any quarter the Packers would have beaten Kansas City last week. Somehow they still have an over .500 record and are favored according to Vegas. The Raiders know they need to get a W this week though. If the Raiders defend the Chiefs pass game, they can easily handle the spread and win outright. Patrick Mahomes this season has not been able to come back when down early, and thats all the Raiders need to do to take over this game.

Rams @ 49ers (+4):
OBJ or not, the Rams are so much better than the 49ers. I don’t think the addition of Odell makes a huge difference to their offense, especially in this game. But overall, Odell will be their WR3 and they will still be successful throughout the rest of their season. As the third option for Matt Stafford, it should be known by the rest of the team that he is prone to having bitch fits if he doesn’t get enough attention and that could very well happen and cause the team to implode towards the end of the season/playoffs. This game is a gimmy though and San Fran doesn’t know how to play football sometimes and Shanahan is losing whatever grasp he has left on this football club.

To sum it all up, I think this week will have 1 or 2 upsets, expected or not, but for the strong majority favorites should win just based off how last week wet.

On the Bye: Chicago Bears, Cincinnati Bengals, Houston Texans, New York Giants

Sunday Funday:
Last week was weird as hell with so many unexpected underdogs just balling out so this week I’m really trying to play it safe.

Lock: Buccaneers -9.5 > WFT
The Bucs are coming off a bye and loss the week prior. Brady is going to come out hot and are going to clown in Washington.
Upset: Chiefs < Raiders +2.5
The Chiefs got lucky in their win last week against a Packers team without Aaron Rodgers giving Vegas reason to continue making them favorite but I’m still not buying it that they are any good this season and I think the Raiders get back in the win column.
Over: Browns @ Patriots O45
Both offenses are looking good in this bout and 45 points is pretty low. Whichever way this game ends up going both offenses can stunt on the opposing defenses which should lead to high scoring.
Under: Falcons @ Cowboys U54.5
I originally wanted to bet the Steelers and Lions don’t even break 42 but I stopped myself and went with a choice I believe is safer. The Cowboys did play like trash last week and they might be trying to make a statement about who they still are this week but I think 55 is too many points for both teams.

Last Weeks Predictions: 2-2
Lock: Bills -14 vs. Jaguars – L
Upset: Cardinals +2.5 vs. 49ers – W
Over: Titans @ Rams O45.5 – L
Under: Texans @ Dolphins U46.5 – W

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