Reacting to Week 10

Fortunately, I was able to make it back home from my weekend excursions before halftime of the early games! And this weekend I thought had some pretty good matchups, was happy I ended up getting to enjoy my 7 hours of commercial free football! I’m writing this as the Rams and 49ers game is starting so, lets get right into Sunday’s action!

Saints @ Titans:
The Tennessee Titans are officially in my top 3 NFL football clubs list??? They have beaten so many good teams this year and after going through the hardest schedule to start the season, they have not only survived but come out on top. Now that they have made it to the other side, they have the absolute easiest remaining schedule to end their season. They can very realistically hold onto the top seed in the AFC and have that first round bye week AND have Derrick Henry back for the entirety of the playoffs. Their biggest AFC south competitor is the Colts who are 3 games back right now, so this division is locked up. Mike Vrabel has a great team all around – Julio Jones is not even playing, and they still are running up the score on a lot of teams. Tannehill should be in the conversation for MVP without a doubt, cannot deny it. Only negative side is that they didn’t beat the Saints by more, they let a lot of bettors down by not covering the 3 point spread and letting it be as close as it was.

 Bills @ Jets:
So Mike White is ass. Honestly, he shouldn’t have came back and stayed injured. Had he done that his job as a backup in the NFL would’ve been secured for a long time. Instead, he threw 4 interceptions and 0 touchdowns. Joe Flacco will probably be their starter next week against the Dolphins. I would be astonished if Mike White returned as a starter after this season, ever again. The only time I even remember Scott Hanson showing us this game on Redzone was when an interception was happening. The Bills heard what I said and took it to heart, they were able to get back on track, hopefully the stay dominating the rest of the year. They do have the Patriots twice next month which will be tough to win both. 5 of their last 8 should be guaranteed W’s though. They needed this win for their team morale, had to be reminded of who they really are.

Lions @ Steelers:
I fucking HATE ties. There is no reason any professional sport should end in a damn tie. I hate them so much. This game was just brutal to watch, I have never wanted to turn off an NFL game so bad. My friend made me keep this game on next to Redzone because he’s a Steeler’s fan and I am never doing something nice for a friend ever again when it is that painful. I didn’t even care to see the Lions get their first non-loss of the season. Good for Dan Campbell though, Detroit definitely won this tie. He definitely ran the ball so much this game because of his lack of faith in his starting quarterback. Goff ended with an embarrassingly bad stat line: 14/25 completions and only 114 yards with 0 touchdowns for the entire game. BUT D’Andre Swift did have a really good day rushing considering all things. For the Steelers, the only thing to note is the fact (which is funnily enough not all that surprising) that Najee Harris didn’t know you could tie in the NFL. God this game sucked.

Jaguars @ Colts:
I really do not remember that much from this game. I know I saw Carson Wentz have his weekly try too hard moment and almost have the funniest turnover of the season, again. He looked bad. The Jaguars actually had more yards in this game which makes no sense considering Jonathan Taylor had 107 yards in the first half alone but somehow only ended with 116. They did also block a punt but really other than that they were just as bad as Jacksonville. I almost want to say that if you don’t shit on the Jaguars, as a head coach, you need to address the locker room as if you had lost. A win is a win I guess though. Also, Urban Meyer suuuuuuuucks.

Bucs @ WFT:
The Football Team just outplayed Tampa. In the fourth quarter Ron Rivera was able to get his team to manage the clock and methodically drive down the field to spend 10 minutes of game clock and score to secure the win. Brady was definitely off this game, coming off of the bye week this really blew my mind. The Bucs were my lock, and they need to figure it out for the rest of the season. I have no doubt they will get it done, especially because they are pretty much guaranteed to win the NFC South and make playoffs, but two straight L’s makes them not a top 3 team in the NFL anymore. Definitely still a contender and once winter hits Brady I’m sure will kick it into playoff mode and win big in a bunch of games but they aren’t better than the Packers, Cowboys or Titans right now.

Browns @ Patriots:
The Patriots absolutely shit on the Browns. After the first drive which Cleveland played really well on, it was all New England. Bill Belichick just straight up big dicked the entire Browns organization. As of the last month or so the Patriots are one of the best teams in the NFL. Mac Jones played awesome, the defense was great holding the Browns to 7 points. Bill is definitely in the conversation for Coach of the Year right now with a rookie quarterback. Are the Browns not a contender anymore? They’re remaining schedule is not very forgiving either, after the Lions next week they play the Ravens in consecutive games (bye in between), then the Raiders, Packers, Steelers, and Bengals to end the year. So, it will definitely be a grind throughout. Last (but not least) thing to note is Jakobi Meyers finally got his first touchdown after having the most receptions and receiving yards by any player ever before getting their first touchdown.

Falcons @ Cowboys:
You know it’s a bad day when Josh Rosen is put into the game. His first pass in the game was a pick too which is the most scripted narrative maybe in all of sports. This game was very predictable though. Dallas was beat so bad against the Broncos before this week and it was destined, they’d come back strong as hell this week. Dan Quinn coached circles around his old team’s offense that he took to the Super Bowl. The Cowboys absolutely smothered Atlanta and made them want to curl up and die. Dallas is such a well-rounded team and when they are flowing, I don’t know who is going to beat them. I’m scared they can actually win it all this year. They can go up against anyone. For Atlanta, they don’t really have much going for them anymore, they are throwing the rest of this season away. Final point: Trevon Diggs got another pick and should be in the conversation for MVP, I don’t care what anyone else has to say.

Panthers @ Cardinals:
Cam Newton is back baby! I fucking love Carolina Cam and was hype to see him running touchdowns in again like he did. He needs to start full time next week, PJ Walker isn’t it and they should not be trying a dual QB type of offense. McCaffrey is back to himself as well, with how hurt he’s been for two season it’s refreshing to see him being him again. The Panthers dominated the Cardinals all game. Arizona needs Kyler Murray back as soon as possible, if he isn’t back next week against the Seahawks it could continue to go downhill. They have 3 or 4 tough games remaining this year. They will still make it to the playoffs, but the Rams could steal the NFC West crown from them.

Vikings @ Chargers:
I called how this game was going to go. Both teams sorta kinda needed to win this game to remain a realistic playoff contender. The Chargers as a franchise have been known to fuck themselves in games that are important for their season. Props to the Vikings though, they played like they cared, Dalvin Cook balled despite being beat up by his girl, and Justin Jefferson is just a great receiver. At this point for LA, they are plummeting down the power rankings and should be worried, panic button should be hit or about to be. I keep saying they need to figure it out soon and I’m officially making last week their last chance at keeping hopes alive. They stink right now, can’t stop anything. Steelers next week will probably be a challenge for them but other than that and the Chiefs on December 16th, they have a profitable schedule remaining. Hope the best for them.

Seahawks @ Packers:
Seattle is done this season. They are 3-6 and still have the rams once and cardinals twice to end the year. Russell Wilson came back after breaking his hand this week and the media sucked him off calling it a “borderline miracle” which means all his two minute drill reps with no one else on the field didn’t do too much. First time he has been shut out in his 150+ starts and the Packers made it a statement. Offensively the Packers were contained quite a bit, Seattle’s D played decent enough to the point where the offense owed them for their hard work but got nothing out of it. The Packers defense looked even better though. Green Bay might be the Super Bowl favorites right now, they are just so good everywhere and can beat you in any facet of the game. I really hope they do it this year too, Rodgers deserves more than one ring and its been 10 years since then.

Eagles @ Broncos:
I am officially cursing myself and the Eagles by saying we are making the playoffs. They have their swagger back. We could realistically win out. Saints-Giants-Jets-WFT-Giants-WFT-Cowboys to round out the regular season. By the time it gets to Week 18 Dallas could be resting their starters, so I don’t think winning out is too crazy. I can’t believe I’m doing this to myself but here we are. Philadelphia finally knows how to run the football, the whole offense is flowing, Devonta Smith is fucking awesome. I am so stoked we finally got a good draft pick. He had a great outing on his birthday, 4 catches for 66 yards and 2 touchdowns, possibly the greatest birthday performance by any player ever. His elbow piece was bad ass too. Sometimes it looked like the Broncos were going to come back into it but it never came to fruition. Darius Big Play Slay showed up today as well. On his scoop and score runback Teddy Bridgewater made a simple business decision by having no interest at all in tackling Slay. Bang Bang Bird Gang.

Originally tweeted by Chief (@BarstoolChief) on November 14, 2021.

Chiefs @ Raiders:
I’m so upset at this game. I have learned my lesson and cannot bet on any game the Chiefs are in for either side for a while. Patrick Mahomes is pretty much back to his old self. :/ He has still been a little wonky and overthrows and misses open receivers on deep passes, but he has Travis Kelce all the way back. The Raiders kept pace for a little but then Andy Reid twisted the dagger and decided they were going to take back the AFC West. The official turning point really was when Desean Jackson fumbled on a play where there was no chance in history he doesn’t score, yet he did. This was the most Desean Jackson play ever, Ruggs would never (still a piece of shit). Unfortunately, Kansas City does not have a very tough remaining slate of games and the Raiders might not bode well to round out the season. So, congrats to the Chiefs for coming back this season and winning the AFC West again. I hate them.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Jackson Mahomes was not in attendance and the Chiefs ball TF out?!?!?!

Rams @ 49ers:
I don’t understand this season right now. The good teams are all bad and the bad teams are sometimes super good? Matt Stafford played like straight ASS this game. Kyle Shanahan was coaching for his job and this win extended his job for probably the rest of the season after this inter-divisional dominant win. The Rams might have problems. They couldn’t run the ball, receivers were dropping open passes, Stafford just isn’t hitting his spots and throwing picks or should be picks all game. Deebo had himself as a day serving as running back and wide receiver for San Francisco today. He only had 5 carries from the backfield but he had a 7.6 yards per carry average. This game fucked me over so hard betting-wise. I don’t know how I lost all 6 bets I had on this game. I needed Kittle to get 60.5 yard receiving and after having 43 in the fist half this seemed like it was destined but he blue balled the hell out of me. All the rest of my bets involved the Rams winning but clearly that was not in the stars. I don’t think I can bet on Monday Night Football anymore. Down BAD.

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