Week 12 !! Happy Thanksgiving! Football!!!!!!

Me waking up thanksgiving morning for football and a lot of food.

I love Thanksgiving and I love football on Thanksgiving. I love my family too, but for some reason a good amount of my family doesn’t care about football and would rather watch anime, play video games or talk to each other than watch on this blessed day. So as usual, football is banished to the garage TV and I am stuck with my dad and uncles to watch with. Usually not a problem, I love kicking it with the dudes of my family, the only beef I have with the situation is I then become the one kid who just wants to hang with the adults which is always weird. If it wasn’t a holiday I would feel a lot weirder about this, still though. Honestly, they all probably think I’m antisocial and don’t like me but I think they’re weird too so I guess it’s fine. I only have to see them a few times a year since they are my east coast cousins and I’m not as close with them. Also, I am probably one of the only ones who has bets on the games so that’s just another reason I have to watch over hanging out with them, which is a completely valid reason. I am also not as familiar with them and this is our first big holiday with them and truthfully, I don’t care all that much to be close with these cousins either. My California cousins are way easier to talk to and can watch and understand the importance of football on Thanksgiving.

Now that I’ve gotten all that out. Unsurprisingly, the Thanksgiving day games were underwhelming, so I guess that would make them just ‘whelming’ if it was unsurprising.

Bears-Lions (16-14):
Again, I just feel so bad for the Lions. Not even Dan Campbell anymore, I love the guy and he is an all-time football dude, just not good at winning as an NFL player or coach. I am saying it now, the Detroit Lions are not winning a football game this season. Seriously there only hopes are the Falcons in Week 16, because Atlanta plays bad even against bad opponents, or even less likely but still possible they could maybe beat the Seahawks Week 17 if somehow Russ gets benched or hurt again and Seattle stays shitty. This game hurt to watch, I had no problem missing multiple drives of this game to talk to my family. At least the Lions covered the spread, still so heartbreaking to see them lose on a game-winning field goal AGAIN. The Bears really should have just let them have the win, Matt Nagy thinks he boosted his job’s security with this but it just showed how much he shouldn’t have it with how close this game ended up as.

Raiders-Cowboys (36-33):
How ’bout them Cowboys! This game was so thrilling, I’m happy at least one game on Thursday was fun to watch. I don’t even know if fun is the right word though. Like, yes it was high scoring and went into overtime but I was ready to go to the next game at the end of the third quarter. This game lasted like 5 fucking hours. Also, this was going on right at post-turkey nap time which my family would literally not let me have. I was pissed. Not only did I want this game to end and miss out on napping, but my bets didn’t hit and I just wanted to watch Josh Allen on Thanksgiving. The Cowboys I think would have probably won’t his with Ceedee and/or Amari playing but something I don’t think they capitalize on is Tony Pollard. I know they are using him a good amount but he should be the RB1 over Zeke. Pollard is fast as fuck, Zeke is ugly and slow. What else do I need to say? I should mention the multiple fights that broke out during and after this game both on the field and in the stands, I wish the TV would show them more, the people love violence, give us what we want!

Bills-Saints (31-6):
Very underwhelming game but it was still fun to watch the Bills get back on track. Also, the complete demise of Trevor Simien is so confusing. I think everyone surrounding the NFL, fans included, is wondering why the hell Sean Payton has just given up on the season and is sticking with him as their guy. Now it might be too little to late to pick someone up because their season is doomed but even a few weeks ago we all knew he wasn’t that guy. He could’ve called Phillip Rivers, picked someone else up as a free agent signing (Blake Bortles), or literally any other option. It’s tough to see. Bills Mafia traveled well down to New Orleans and I’m sure they tore up Bourbon Street after the game. Josh Allen had a few plays where he looked like he was pressing every button on the controller trying to make something happen, but to his credit, it actually worked sometimes this game. Matt Breida had himself a nice little day as well, pleasant surprise whenever he is on the field – also sneaky fast as fuck. Sad part about this game was Tre’Davious White being out for season after tearing his ACL last night.

Overall, wasn’t the best day of football but this along with the crazy sexual chain texts that start up around the holidays, it’s the best way to kickoff the holiday season. I love the cold and football weather is back baby, I can’t wait to see how the rest of this season shapes out.

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