Week 12 May Have Decided A Lot

This week we found out who really has a chance at making the playoffs, who has given up, and we’re finally starting the part of the season where the teams fighting for wild card spots start to thin out. The legit teams come into form and the weak start to fall off. According to the graphic shown on ESPN, there are 14 teams in the NFC that are still mathematically In The Hunt (only 16 teams in the NFC). This undoubtedly will drop 3 or 4 by this time next week.

it is crazy to see the Falcons at the top of the in the hunt

Falcons @ Jaguars (21-14):
Redzone didn’t even want to cover this game. It went just as I think most of us would have expected it to. The Jaguars stank, Trevor Lawrence was still bad, not as bad as usual, but still not good. Urban Meyer is probably fuming today now that the USC and LSU jobs are taken and he’s stuck in Jacksonville. Maybe he’ll end up taking the Notre Dame gig now? Anyways, it is fucking bizarre to me that the Falcons are pretty much the fist team outside of the playoffs right now. That is not okay. Fortunately, they have a guaranteed three more losses if not more to finish out the season.

Panthers @ Dolphins (10-33):
Same with this one, I don’t remember a whole lot except for realizing that oh yeah, Cam isn’t that great anymore. I still love the guy but he just isn’t the best QB anymore. Also congrats, to the Dolphins, they’re streaking now and for no reason whatsoever, I enjoy seeing them win. Thanks to the 7 playoff spots they are 100% in the hunt right now which would be absolutely hilarious to see them even come close to making it. They had quite the performance Sunday though, dominating the whole game.

Jets @ Texans (21-14):
And then there was this shit bowl. Zac Wilson went ahead and took the thrown for this year’s worst interception award. I don’t see how it can get worse than a shuttle pass pick, kind of impressive honestly, it would be tough to intentionally shuttle pass it off a teammates back into a linebackers hand again. Congrats to the Jets though, they aren’t the absolute worst so that’s something nice to say about this game.

Eagles @ Giants (7-13):
Okay so I am happy I didn’t stay in New York for this game actually. I would’ve been laughed out of the stadium. It’s like they fucking forget who their good players are sometimes I swear. I know Miles Sanders wasn’t 100% by the end of the game so that’s why Boston Scott was in and ended up fumbling but there is not a single fucking excuse for Devonta Smith to only be targeted 4 times in a game. He is so fucking good, I seriously think Jalen Hurts gets his and Jalen Reagor’s jersey numbers confused and that’s why he is targeted more than once a game. Just typing this is getting me hot. Jalen Reagor has TWENTY-NINE (29) drops in the last eleven games. Do you know how fucking bad that is?!?!?!?! God I fucking hate him. I actually have hatred towards him. He is so fucking bad at what he chose as a profession and somehow convinced enough people to not only draft him, but draft him in the first round, AND BEFORE JUSTIN JEFFERSON. I have started a daily routine on Twitter where I will be tweeting at Jalen Reagor every day until A) He is cut from the Eagles, B) He blocks me or C) I forget. I don’t know how he is even getting reps in practice. Devonta Smith deserves way better and was open on multiple plays that would’ve resulted in winning touchdowns. Not sorry for the rant, Jalen Reagor embarassed the entire team this week. At least we play the damn Jets next week.


Steelers @ Bengals (10-41):
So I was wrong, on all cylinders, about this game. Big Ben is so bad and it’s depressing to watch knowing this is the end for him. They could literally not do anything this game and the Bengals quite literally could do whatever they pleased. Is this the season that Mike Tomlin doesn’t finish with at least a .500 record? Without looking at who else they’ve got, we know they have at least a couple of divisional matchups and the AFC North isn’t going to be fun to keep having to face. The Bengals are very flip floppy and you quite literally never know how they are going to play each week.

Bucs @ Colts (38-31):
Indy is still a very good team and if it weren’t for their two losses to the Titans already they would have a real good shot at winning the AFC South. Brady just decided enough was enough and as soon as the Colts exposed themselves, Brady wasn’t going to let them get back into it and kept giving it to Lenny for his 4 tuddys. The Bucs defense figured out Carson Wentz and completely shut down the whole offense including JT, who had 5 TD’s last week I’ll remind you. Even though it was a great win by the Bucs, it still made me feel like the Colts are legit playoff worthy this season. No way I would want to play them anytime the rest of this season.

Titans @ Patriots (13-36):
Okay, hand up, I was wrong as fuck. The Titans deserved to be underdogs, but in their defense, they are so, so hurt right now. Luckily a lot of their starters should be back by playoff time and hopefully they are able to stay competitive in January. For New England, fvck they are so good right now. Like actually so damn good. I’m scared of them right now. Only thing I would say going forward, they might be peaking too early. It’s even more impressive though that they are doing this with a rookie quarterback and not a single offensive superstar.

Chargers @ Broncos (13-28):
I hate to say it but I think the Chargers are bad. I still have a futures bet for them to win the AFC West so I will obviously still root for them but I am coming to terms with the fact that we all misjudged their actual skill and they are not a good team. Definitely not worth of a playoff spot after this week. They lost to the Broncos with Drew Lock as QB. Tough scene. I don’t really want to think about this anymore, the Chargers offense still has superstars but they need another year before to put all the pieces together for their final form in my mind. It hurts to watch them struggle this season though with all the hype early on.

Rams @ Packers (28-36):
I’ll fvcking say it. The Rams aren’t good. Matt Stafford ‘might’ be hurt, that’s what some reporters are saying, seems like just an excuse they’re putting out to cover his shit play. Odell scored and probably feels like he is back. He is not, Odell is still cheeks. Aaron Rodgers is so effortlessly good, it’s awesome. Disregarding his off the field shit, Aaron Rodgers is one of my favorite players right now. I like his long, greasy hair. He may be the first long haired QB to go all the way this year. He can make just about anyone good and he’s done it for so long. This game was never in doubt, the Packers went up 10 early and held a comfortable lead for the whole game.

Vikings @ 49ers (26-34):
The 49ers are dangerous right now. I don’t think I cared at all about this game though. I never like seeing the Vikings win and I always like Jimmy G even though he is not worth his money either. Regardless though, these teams both have very good odds for the playoffs and that takes away two potential spots for the Eagles which I don’t like. It’s crazy how quick the Niners turned this season around though, I feel like it was only a month or so ago I was saying Kyle Shanahan should be worried for his job. At this rate, it would be crazy for them to not expect to keep him next season.

Browns @ Ravens (10-16):
I am proud to announce that I called this. Almost every other game was better than this and should’ve been flexed over it. Lamar had FOUR (4) picks and they still won. That says it all honestly. Baker is so hurt and probably shouldn’t be playing I don’t think. The Ravens have sometimes gotten lucky but are the 1 Seed in the AFC as of right now, they’re winning ugly way too often for a team that should be a dominant top dog. This might be a good thing though, they don’t want to peak too early, just be good enough to get a good seed, maybe even top seed, and then hit their stride and go for it all in January/February. Would love to see Lamar get a chip. Anyways, my takeaway from this game is that the Browns are hurt and I feel bad for them and the Ravens are good but not as impressive as their record shows right now.

Seahawks @ WFT:
Very unsurprising that this game sucked. I did not want to watch at any point during this game. The Seahawks are horrid, DK isn’t getting the ball, and the WFT is just never a team anyone is looking forward to being on their screen, especially in primetime. Because of this win for Washington they somehow have managed to snag a playoff spot at the moment. How that math works out I do not know. Luckily, a series of divisional matchups are rapidly approaching and they have to play the Eagles still who can take back their spot in the wild card over them. Crazy to say but literally all NFC Beast teams are in the hunt at this moment. Even the Giants. And the Cowboys have just lost 2 straight with some injuries hurting them a lot on offense. The division is still realistically up for grabs, a couple big wins by any of them over Dallas can trigger a chain reaction in the NFC.

Go birds.

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