Week 13 Coming in Hot

Kind of a weird week coming up. Definitely a lot of important games that could determine how the rest of a bunch of team’s seasons will go. However, for the most part that is reflected in the way that some good teams just need to beat the bad teams they are playing. Because of that, not looking like it is going to be the most exciting week of the season but I’m surprised by something new every week and maybe a bunch of upsets happen!

Colts @ Texans+10
The line for this game has been climbing throughout the week. Indy and Carson Wentz are primed to get back in the win column after a valiant effort last week vs. the Bucs. Jonathan Taylor was bottled up for less than 100 scrimmage yards which is just about the easiest way to stop their offense. On defense, they still played very well but there is only so much you can do once Tom Brady gets into a groove and finds a weakness. 10 points is a lot for the spread but the Texans suck so…

Vikings @ Lions +7
The Vikings are still in good shape to make the playoffs at the end of the season and the Lions have absolutely not hopes left. I hope Dan Campbell makes it to the end of the season. It wouldn’t change anything if they got rid of him so might as well keep him for the last month and a half. You can easily see how much he loves his men and wants to see them succeed so it’s always sad to see them get shit on. Which is exactly what will happen this week. Justin Jefferson anytime TD scorer, hammer it.

Giants @ Dolphins -6
Dolphins are facing a relatively easy end of season schedule. They’ve strung together a number of wins in a row now and they are heavy favorites at home this Sunday. This seems like a disgusting game and incredibly low scoring if the O/U wasn’t 39 I would hammer this, neither of these teams are great on offense and I don’t see them putting up many scores aside from field goals.

Bucs @ Falcons +10.5
Brady is in December mode and prepping for a playoff run with a lot of momentum. Coming off a hot win against a good Colts team, the Bucs whole team should swallow the Atlanta whole. I don’t see this game ever being all that close, we know Brady owns Matt Ryan.

Eagles @ Jets+6.5
Bang Bang Bird Gang. I am fully invested still in the Eagles even though we shit the bed last week. Two weeks straight in the Meadowlands is enough time to get comfortable and get a necessary road win. Birds by 15 is my prediction. Eagles need this and the Jets suck so this is an easy W and Philly is going to run up the score like they did the Lions earlier in the season. Good looks.

Cardinals @ Bears +7.5
Kyler and D-Hop are back. Bears are so bad and don’t even have a real coach right now. They have nothing to play for at this point and while I think Andy Dalton (Justin Fields is doubtful at the moment I am typing this) can get down the field every now and again. There is no chance the Bears defense slows down anyone on Arizona’s offense. Is there a way to bet on a team not punting the entire game. I see that as a very realistic goal for the Cardinals this week.

Chargers @ Bengals -3
I don’t trust the Chargers anymore. As a society we need to agree the Chargers aren’t good right now and have no right to be considered as a frisky team at all. They played well a few times so far this season and still have some very winnable games, including this week. The Bengals shit on the Steelers last week but they are a wildcard team and you can’t predict how either of these teams is going to perform week in and week out, avoiding betting on this game at all costs.

Jaguars @ Rams -13
I honestly could see the Jags keeping this way close than they deserve to. Every team in the league should beat Jacksonville by 14+ and I don’t think the Rams are real enough to do that right now. Fraudulent hints surrounding just about the entire team excluding Aaron Donald.

WFT @ Raiders -1.5
I think the WFT have peaked far too early this season. They don’t deserve to be in the playoffs, which they would be if the season ended before this week. There time has come to an end and I think the decline starts in Las Vegas this week. Raiders -1.5 is a desirable spread and I have a weird feeling but I love them this week.

Ravens @ Steelers +4.5
Boy do the Steelers blow right now. The Ravens have won a lot this season but they are not playing impressive at all actually, like they actually looked horrible in last week’s win against the Browns. At the end of the day the win is all that matters but I’m sure they’ve been getting ripped in film all week. These teams hate each other in the AFC North though so I can see Baltimore really wanting to prove a point and show that the Steelers do in fact suck and they are still a top 2 team in the AFC.

49ers @ Seahawks +3.5
The Seahawks are god awful and I also love the 49ers this week on the road. Russ shouldn’t be playing, they would actually have a much better chance with Geno Smith in. I think they’re best chance this week actually would be if Russ was calling the plays and Geno was running them because Russ cannot execute anything right now.

Broncos @ Chiefs -9.5
The Chiefs are back and nothing would make me happier this week than seeing the Broncos pull up like they did against the Cowboys however many weeks ago. I don’t see that happening but it would make me very happy. All I can ask for is the game to be close and the Chiefs expose some weakness for other teams to use against them the rest of the season and cause them to lose in the first round of the playoffs.

Patriots @ Bills -3:
I wonder what the line of this game would be if it were in New England. I think it might just be perfectly flipped in favor of the Pats. 6 straight isn’t a small feat. They are playing awesome right now and everyone in Boston is thinking Super Bowl or bust at this point and for good reason. The only reason I’m not hating the fact that the Pats are good again is because they are doing it without superstars so it’s hard to root against them as hard. There is no one to hate on that team right now.

Bye’s: Carolina Panthers, Cleveland Browns, Green Bay Packers, Tennessee Titans

Sunday Funday:
A little bit better of a week last week. I am still taking this week easy, I’ll probably try and do some low wager but crazy odd parlays to try and get some coin for the end of the season.

Lock: 49ers -3.5 @ Seahawks
Seahawks, even at home, I do not trust on offense or defense. Divisional matchup should hype the 49ers up and get them a dub on the road.
Upset: Jaguars +13 @ Rams
Rams suck.
Over: Cardinals @ Bears O43
Kyler and D-Hop back, points will be scored even for Chicago.
Under: Broncos @ Chiefs U47
The Chiefs are for sure back but they aren’t the team to be running up the score guaranteed yet and I think the Broncos can keep that trend going.

Last Week Sucking: 3-1:
Lock: Chargers -2.5 @ Broncos – L
Upset: Rams @ Packers +1.5 – Easy W, Rams suck
Over: Titans @ Patriots O43.5 – W
Under: Seahawks @ WFT U46.5 – W

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