On To Week 14 We Go

Colts @ Texans (31-0)
The first time these teams played each other the Colts won 31-3. So since Week 6 the Texans have somehow beat the Titans yet at the same time became 3 points worse. Jonathan Taylor on his own had more yards than the entire Houston Texans offense. To make matters as worse as possible for them too, both quarterbacks played and were pretty much played equally bad.

Vikings @ Lions (27-29)
Congratulations to the Detroit Lions for proving me wrong and not only avoiding getting get shit on but also, winning their first game of the season. I literally jumped up I was so happy to see them figure out a way to win. I had no faith in Jared Goff really bringing the offense down and having a game winning touchdown pass but it happened and everyone loves to see a team get their first dub.

Giants @ Dolphins (9-20)
I could not have cared less about this game. I still feel like the Dolphins are bound to come to a screeching halt in their win streak. Mike Glennon is gigantic, feels necessary to note. That is really the only note I have from watching this game, I don’t remember anything else. :/

Bucs @ Falcons (30-17)
I was a little surprised this game was as close as it was. 13 points seems like too close. Brady is in his playoff mode though, they play the Bills at home next week but other than that they will likely not have a challenge the rest of the season. And even against the Bills I feel like Brady 1) knows Buffalo too well and 2) is just too good to be stopped at this point in the season.

Eagles @ Jets (33-18)
Hilarious how this game pretty much hit the Over before the end of the first half. I didn’t like seeing them both put up a lot of point right away, made me a little nervous at first. Second half was great though. Minshew is always so fun to watch, his post game clip with his dad had anyone who loves guys being dudes or just football guys in general ready to run through a wall. The perfect way to head into the bye week for the Eagles, we need to win all the games we can as well as have the WFT lose a game or two, their streak needs to come to an end.

Cardinals @ Bears (33-22)
I don’t know how Matt Nagy has a job still. James Conner had an impressive day in Chicago with a sick receiving touchdown. Kyler ran two in himself also, as well as getting Deandre Hopkins back in the end zone. AJ Green even had a catch on Sunday. Andy Dalton threw 4 interceptions which isn’t surprising, I don’t think Justin Fields would have done much better but it just goes to show that the Bears are absolutely horrible to watch play football.

Chargers @ Bengals (41-22)
This game was what it was. Only one team was going to fully show up. Joe Burrow looked like cheeks, still had 300 passing yards but unfortunately was sacked 6 times. He ended with a sub 40 QBR. Herbert on the other side looked really good. Mike Williams was able to haul in 110 yards and even Jalen Guyton racked 90 yards in and a touchdown.

Jaguars @ Rams (7-37)
Matt Stafford played awesome against a shitty team. I was wrong about them not being able to put it to them. I still think they’re fraudulent and won’t last once they are forced to play exclusively good teams. Trevor Lawrence is consistently being a bust and the kid who couldn’t miss just flat out sucks. He did not throw an interception so that’s something nice to say about him. They just need to cut the whole team and burn the organization and move to London to start a new one.

WFT @ Raiders (17-15)
Pretty disappointed the Raiders are what they are now. I wanted them to figure something out at the end. That time never came. I still think WFT is peaking too early and I don’t think it’ll hold for the rest of the season. However, I will say that they are a good team right now. They’re playing better than they did with Chase Young and I’ve counted them out of almost every game since the injury. Heinicke is playing like a winner too and they’re a current 6 seed in the NFC playoffs.

Ravens @ Steelers (19-20)
The Steelers are very much who they are. They lose to the Bengals in a shit kicking and then beat the Baltimore Ravens who at the start of the game were the top seed in the AFC playoff standings. Big Ben is so confusing and it’s hilarious at this point. I hate that there’s almost no way he plays next season. I don’t know why my favorite part about them winning this game is that Mike Tomlin has a good chance at staying above .500 again this season. Lastly, the poor play finally caught up to the Ravens, they hadn’t been playing well and were barely getting by. Not a good look that Marlon Humphreys is now out for season they should be worried.

49ers @ Seahawks (23-30)
A little bit of a shocker in this game. Russ played well, only one pick and two touchdowns. At this point Tyler Lockett is for sure the best receiver on the Seahawks. However, I feel like this is only because DK is just rarely thrown the ball compared to him. I think DK, with an adequate quarterback, would be a top 5 wide receiver and he is already top 10. Also random fun thing, Adrian Peterson scored! Somehow they gave him 11 rushes yet only got 16 yards, I’m always happy to see him play but I think he needs to call it. They made Jimmy G put the whole game on his shoulders and he does not do well under those circumstances at all. Also Deebo not playing doesn’t bode well for him either.

Broncos @ Chiefs (9-22)
So the Broncos did not do what they did to the Cowboys again to the Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes and the whole offense is pretty much completely back. They have a different look though, defenses have seemed to figure it out and the touchdown play doesn’t seem to be happening at all anymore (I pray I am not jinxing this). As of right now though, they are just one of the other really good teams in this league. The Broncos need to draft a QB next year in the first round, they have no idea what they’re doing back there, Teddy B had his time and it’s nice to see him cuz of the injury but he is a permanent back up now.

Patriots @ Bills (14-10)
I was not surprised at all by the outcome of this game. Especially, once the clips of the wind literally tilting both goalposts. A good day to have Pats running backs on your fantasy team. I did think the Bills could’ve won this game and they almost did even though the game ended on a pretty ugly pass by Josh Allen. No matter how bad that looked though, the wind was so bad it overrules however bad it was thrown. Josh Allen threw literally 10 times as many times as Mac Jones which is a hilarious stat. For a starting quarterback, on a Bill Bellichick offense, to go 2 for 3 with 19 yards, and then win the game is an all time cool thing in football history.

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