Week 14 Woot Woot

It is way too late for their to still be bye weeks happening in the season. Having said that I am happy the Eagles have won this week but it is Week 14 for Christ’s sake. What are we doing Goodell?! Anyways, there are a lot of playoff implications this week and many team’s fate will likely be decided by the end of the night. Some teams are going to make late season pushes and this is the time to do it.

Saints @ Jets +5.5
Honestly the Jets might have a chance here just because the Saints, who are a far better team overall, have no idea what’s going on at quarterback, or anywhere in their backfield to be honest. However, Alvin Kamara is back in the lineup and the Jets give up a lot to running backs so it’s not looking good on that front.

Falcons @ Panthers -3
Both of these teams somehow still have a very possible chance at playoffs. But, whoever loses this game, their season is undoubtedly over and lose that chance. This could be a sneaky good game, actually excited to watch this game.

Seahawks @ Texans +8.5
Is Russ fully back now? He looked awesome last week and now that all the receivers are getting their fair share of passes thrown their way this game should be an easy W. Plus, Davis Mills has been named the starter for the rest of the season for the Texans which is their way of throwing games from here on out.

Raiders @ Chiefs -10
If the Raiders have any late season aspirations then they need to have a good week now and have to somehow find a way to beat the Chiefs. From a bettors standpoint, 10 points is a lot and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Raiders are able to cover that. On paper, the Chiefs are going to win this game no matter what though. Anything can happen in a divisional game late season though we’ll see.

Ravens @ Browns -2.5
Consecutive games against Baltimore for the Browns. It’s hard to beat a team twice in any league and a divisional AFC North matchup will be awesome to watch. They got shit on last time but this week they are playing in Cleveland so things could go differently for them at home. Baker needs to have a come back game, he’s due to remind everyone that the Browns have something special.

Cowboys @ WFT +4.5
Washington has been rolling, I don’t know why they’re being given 4.5 in this game. Especially considering, as good as the Cowboys are right now, they aren’t clicking week in and week out. They’ve been very inconsistent throughout the season so far. For the Eagles sake, they weirdly have to be rooting for the Cowboys in this game.

Jaguars @ Titans -8.5
Titans are also due for a huge week and this is just what they need to do that. They may not have any big name players back from injury that are for sure back for Sunday yet but luckily they’re playing the Urban Meyer led Jaguars. If this game doesn’t go heavily in Tennessee’s favor then a lot more questions will be raised, regardless of injuries, it’s the Jaguars.

Lions @ Broncos -10.5
10.5 is a lot of points. And the Lions just won and even more, it’s not like the Broncos are a good team, they have no idea what’s going on a QB either?! This has to be hammered by everyone, the Lions not only can cover this massive spread but I wholeheartedly believe that if not lose close, they can win this game outright.

Giants @ Chargers -9.5
If the Chargers lose this game then they are frauds and need to start prepping for the draft. 9.5 is a lot though so I don’t know if they will cover that unless it ends up being a game where they shit on a bad team and everyone is like oh yeah the Chargers are back and a good team. They are not. Do not bet on this game.

49ers @ Bengals +1.5
The 49ers are only 1.5 favorites on the road, where they’ve played better. This could be a trap and I think I am going to fall into it this week because the Bengals suck half the time. Honestly this game will come down to whether or not Deebo is playing and how much Jimmy G has to be the star of the show. If he doesn’t then I would not be worried. The Bengals have the ability to implode at any time so I think this week will be no different in that regard.

Bills @ Buccaneers -3.5
Game of the week. The Bills have to come out hot and really need this win because if they lose, they will be playing the Patriots again next week, in New England, on a 2 game losing skid. And it’s not going to be easy so they need to prove that they’re legit contenders right now because we all know Brady is already at that point in the season where he’s balls deep locked in.

Bears @ Packers -12.5
I don’t know how this game remained the night game over Bills-Tampa but whatever that’s not my job. I think they’re stupid and should be fired whoever that job does belong to though. Anyways, Packers = good, Bears = bad. Pretty cut and dry, 12.5 is a lot but Chicago might not even score so a very easy game to predict.

Rams @ Cardinals -2.5
This game I hope is just awesome. The Cardinals are obviously a good team this season. The Rams have potential to be a good team this season but have not looked promising recently against other good teams. This week if they don’t win or keep it close, they fully belong in the fraudulent category and are getting close to not being in the playoffs if they continue to lose big games.

Bye’s: Indianapolis Colts, Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles

Sunday Funday:
A great week of football is here and the holiday festivities have commenced. Playoff hopes will be crushed this week for some and others will be solidified. Plus the added benefit is the Eagles get to rest and watch from home.

Lock: Jaguars @ Titans -8.5
If the Titans don’t have a big week against the damn Jaguars I might have to hold off on betting on them every week until they’re healthy again.
Upset: Lions +10.5 @ Broncos
I have no idea why this spread is so large.
Over: Ravens @ Browns O42.5
I think both of these teams are at a point in their seasons where they haven’t been playing well and need to score a lot in a divisional matchup. Also, I don’t feel confident in a lot of the overs this week for some reason.
Under: Bears @ Packers U43
In Lambeau, the Bears will not be winning nor scoring much at all in this game. Has to be low scoring.

Last Week Sucking: 2-2:
Lock: 49ers -3.5 @ Seahawks – L
Upset: Jaguars +13 @ Rams – L
Over: Cardinals @ Bears O43 – W
Under: Broncos @ Chiefs U47 – W

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