FUN Fun fun football

Overall I think this was an awesome weekend of games and there was a lot that happened. AND after almost a month hiatus of seriously betting, I won almost all of my bets. Granted, most of them were on touchdown scorers. Thank you mostly to Alvin Kamara and James Conner.

Saints @ Jets (30-9)
The Saints finally ended their losing streak that I don’t think anyone realized was even happening. Technically they are still alive and like so many other teams you just know they aren’t good and shouldn’t have a chance if it weren’t for 7 playoff spots and an 18 week regular season. For the actual game though, Taysom Hill did well today, I still don’t think he is a legit starting quarterback for a franchise to rely on but against the Jets he threw two tuddies. Also, Alvin Kamara is just so damn good and I hope he never gets hurt again because he’s such an elite player.

Falcons @ Panthers (29-21)
At this point, the Falcons are the best shitty team in the league. They’ve got enough big name guys to still be able to beat the bad teams, like the Panthers. Cam pretty much sucks and it’s sad to say it but his age is showing. Somehow he’s already 32 and that probably means he’s only going to bounce around the league for a few more seasons. I will always miss the days of him just being the freak 6’5 athlete who brought a 1-loss Panthers team to a Super Bowl. But he sucks now and the Falcons suck too but Cordarelle Patterson can produce.

Seahawks @ Texans (33-13)
This game tripped me out because I remember looking at the score of this game and thinking “wow the Texans are keeping pace pretty well.” Next thing I know they’re down by more than two scores. In the end, this is exactly how I predicted this game would go. Houston is butt cheeks bad and the Seahawks, while definitely not good, are monstrously better than the Texans and it showed.

Raiders @ Chiefs (9-48)
Well the Raiders season is over now. The Chiefs just dominated them throughout. It sucks to see them be good again, they’re really good. At this point the only thing we can hope for is that they don’t find a way to get the 1 seed in the AFC now. I feel bad for Vegas though. It seems like the Raiders start every season looking like a tough team and like they are going to have a significant impact. Unfortunately, that all goes to shit by the time important games start later in the season.

Ravens @ Browns (22-24)
The first thing to say about this is that Lamar Jackson wins this game. And Huntley didn’t even play bad, the Browns were just able to get rolling early and by the time Lamar went down, Cleveland was ready to take advantage of any weakness. Also, Myles Garrett is just a beast, like a player created on Madden, he literally is good at everything. On the bright side for the Ravens, Lamar Jackson’s injury isn’t season ending and they still have a good chance to make the playoffs via the AFC North, the division that no one wants to win it appears.

Cowboys @ WFT (27-20)
The spread got even larger to 6.5 right before gametime and the Cowboys still covered so I guess Vegas knows better than I do. They did almost blow it at the end but did hold on. Heinicke did not look good and the most hilarious part of the game came when he pointed his receiver to go deeper and then under throws him by 15 yards. Classic. The Cowboys defense just dominated this game before the 4th quarter and it’s pretty obvious Micah Parsons is the Defensive Rookie of the Year. They outshine the offense without a doubt, Dak didn’t look good today and they still ran through Washington despite the final score looking close.

Jaguars @ Titans (0-20)
All there is to say about Tennessee in this game is congrats, you did your job. This is the exact outcome that should have happened. For the Jaguars, I don’t know how they have even won two games. They actually have nothing going for them, not to mention every single member of the organization and the fans hate their head coach’s guts. Urban has intentionally pissed off everyone, Trevor Lawrence certainly doesn’t like him and after he called out his entire staff that he personally hired, his own coordinators and other coaching staff don’t have an ounce of respect for him.

Lions @ Broncos (10-38)
So I was wrong. The Broncos, playing with a lot of emotions, dominated this game. They left everything out on the field and paid tribute to Demaryius Thomas and watching the whole team rally behind that was awesome. The Lions are bad again so this game was what it was.

Giants @ Chargers (21-37)
Justin Herbert. That’s the block. When he’s on, he is on. He has one of the highest ceiling potentials for a young guy in the league right now. Absolutely tore the Giants apart.

49ers @ Bengals (26-23)
This game went into overtime and was a pretty good game throughout. I would agree with the statement that these two teams are very similar. If it comes down to it the 49ers are probably better on paper and for both teams, when the quarterback doesn’t have to be the shining star of the team, they do well. Joe Burrow is prone to interceptions and so is Jimmy G when they’re needed to be the guy.

Bills @ Buccaneers (27-33)
I’m glad this game was as good as it was. I was afraid the Bucs were going to win by two touchdowns and I don’t think that is absurd to say. Buffalo and the Ravens are the two teams who have been looking like shit lately. They did not disappoint and they brought it to overtime which they have to be happy about because the Bucs are a legit Super Bowl contender right now and the Bills, who were my preseason champion pick, have been losing to bad teams.

Bears @ Packers (30-45)
So the over hit in the second quarter. I hammered the under. I really thought the Bears were going to score a max of 7 points in this game and the Packers would get around 20. I realized immediately, clearly that was not going to be how it went. Justin Fields did look more than half decent in the first half and displayed that he is a good football player. However, he is not Aaron Rodgers, yet.

Rams @ Cardinals -2.5
This game was all we could have asked for. I will say, the Cardinals probably win this game if Kyler Murray plays a little better. He did not play good at all. And unfortunately he had the absolute worst attempt at a game winning/tying drive I may have ever seen. The offensive line absolutely ruined that game for them and fvcked everything up. It hurt to watch really. Pretty much the only reason I wanted the Cardinals to win this game was because a dude at work likes the Rams and he’s annoying so I get joy from their pain. Not how it went, Matt Stafford looked like a Hall of Famer, Cooper Kupp was great, OBJ scored for the third straight game, the Rams didn’t play like frauds and looked like a complete team. I do still think they are frauds and can’t win it all this year but they are good enough to make a lot of people think they can.

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