Week Flirty Fifteen

So many teams are flirting with the chance at a playoff berth right now. Pretty much the entire NFC other than the Lions still mathematically have a chance. This is going to be a weird week though. We have the Colts and Patriots game tonight and then a bunch of games are now getting flexed to other days because of the huge surge of positive Covid cases going around the NFL. Other than the schedule being a bit odd, the games this week are all starting to be good no matter what just because of the future playoff implications for every team.

Titans @ Steelers -1.5
I feel like whenever I count the Steelers out they always prove me wrong. And with how many injuries the Titans have been stuck with it isn’t looking ideal. As much as I want the Steelers to break even with their record this season, I would love it if the rest of their season just fell apart starting this week to be done with them. I do think because of last week’s antics, Big Ben is going to ignore the hell out of Claypool’s dumb ass. Also TJ Watt is looking probable to play.

Panthers @ Bills -12.5
I don’t care what Panthers quarterback starts or gets subbed into this game. They should be trying to lose the rest of their season for a better draft pick at this point. There is no way the Bills lose this game and with the playoffs getting close and a big game the following week, Buffalo needs to start showing why they can still go deep in the playoffs right around now. Josh Allen is still a baller and needs to put the team on his back this week and win by 25.

Texans @ Jaguars -5.5
Seeing this on the schedule makes me want to throw up my intestines. But at least Urban Meyer isn’t in the NFL anymore so that should give the Jaguars something to celebrate and play their hearts out for. I think they have their game of the season and win this game commandingly, the Texans also have no idea what is going on at any part of their team so yeah it’s over for their season. I hope Redzone doesn’t touch this game unless we are seeing Trevor Lawrence turn out to be a great QB without his toxic ex-head coach.

Cowboys @ Giants +11.5
While Dak hasn’t been playing all that impressive recently, the Cowboys should still control this game. The Giants are probably running with Mike Glennon again this week and that just about never equals a win and almost certainly will not help them in beating a far superior Dallas team. It’s possible the Giants do not even score in this game. Their defense is so good it’s going to be tough to watch. Saquon might not even get one first down, going to be tough.

Cardinals @ Lions +12.5
No way this game ends close, the Cardinals have to win this game by two plus touchdowns to count it in their own record book. Even without D-Hop their offense doesn’t get slowed by the Lions defense in any facet. There really is no other way to say it, good team beat bad team.

Jets @ Dolphins -9.5
It’s still weird thinking the Dolphins are a half-decent team. They could very well win this game and become a .500 team by the end of this week, and they probably will. Tua has been boolin’ since the trade deadline passed and there was no chance he was getting swapped for Deshaun Watson. He has proved himself and the Dolphins are quietly vibing right now, they look like a wild card team right now.

Bengals @ Broncos -3
I don’t know what is going to happen here. While the Bengals are probably just the more sound, complete team. The Broncos defense is pretty good randomly. And they might still be playing with a heavy heart carrying into this week so I am still surprised their favorites but definitely can’t be counted out of this week.

Falcons @ 49ers -9.5
I don’t know what will happen here because the 49ers a) suck at home and b) sometimes are good and sometimes are not. While the Falcons on the other hand a) have Cordarelle Patterson and b) are like the best of the bad teams and are like 6-7 on the year and close to a playoff spot. I think we all know just how bad they actually are though so because of that it equals them not winning and their playoff chances falling drastically and we all forget how on Earth they are a team with only 7 losses at this point of the season.

Packers @ Ravens +7
The Ravens have been hit hard with injuries and Covid this season. This week alone, Calais Campbell, Hollywood Brown, and Lamar Jackson are all questionable from a number of different injuries. Their already beat up defense just added another corner to the Covid list to weaken them even more. This game could get out of hand in the Packers favor if Lamar doesn’t play, and Huntley didn’t even do bad last week in replace of him, it’s just with everything adding up the Packers are just too good to not attack at the first signs of struggle.

Saints @ Bucs -11
The Saints have Tampa Tom Brady’s number, however, they do not have a good team at all this year. Besides Alvin Kamara of course. He is the only way the Saints will score this week, Taysom Hill maybe also. I don’t know why but because I don’t think Taysom is a reliable full time starting quarterback (and their head coach knows it) it makes me think he can’t do anything sometime so this is me acknowledging that and maybe I should give him some appreciation for his athleticism.

Raiders @ Browns -3
I loved how Baker called out the NFL and their bullshit handling of Covid this season. He made some damn good points and I’m happy they actually did something. The Browns are one of the teams Roger Goodell does not care about at all and if they have any problems with anything they always just brush them off. For this actual game though, the Raiders season is pretty much toast but the Browns might have a smidge of hope left so two different sides of the pond. Depending on who can actually play by gametime this Monday, I think the Browns are in desperation mode right now and every game is win or go home for their season.

Vikings @ Bears +6
The Vikings are very good… at beating bad teams by a lot. That is the sole reason why so many people think they are a sick team in the NFL at all. Kirk Cousins will probably have 300 yards, Justin Jefferson at least 2 touchdowns and 100+, and same for Dalvin Cook. Btw, I will be betting on probably all of that to happen. I could be totally proven wrong here like I was last week when the Bears and Packers game hit the over in the first half and the Bears shit on me when I said they might not score at all.

WFT @ Eagles -5.5
This is a huge week for both teams. The WFT are fortunate to have gotten this game moved to Tuesday night instead of Sunday because of how many players, including their starting quarterback, have tested positive. On the upside for the Eagles, they are lucky to be playing a team who has a number of players who either aren’t at 100% or outright not playing. It’s hard to predict what is going to happen in this game just because we don’t even know who is going to be able to play. Earlier in the week there was talk of the teams who are heavily infected with Covid to be forced to forfeit their games. Luckily that is not happening to avoid at least some controversy.

Seahawks @ Rams -6.5
The Rams did look all the way back last week against the Cardinals and it’s the first time Matt Stafford has looked THAT good against another good team. However, the Seahawks, while pretty much no chance at the playoffs, actually looked alright last week and since it is a divisional game I think this could be closer than most people would expect at first glance based off the two teams records.

Sunday Funday:
With last week actually giving me some late season hope from a bettor’s perspective I have fully bought back into this season and can’t wait to lose all of my money again this week!!! 🙂

Lock: Cardinals -12.5 @ Lions
The Cardinals are wildly better in literally every part of the game of football. There is no way I can see them not winning by 2+ touchdowns.
Upset: Saints +11 @ Bucs
The Saints have surprsingly held Tom Brady in check since he has been in Tampa and while I don’t think they win this time, since it’s a divisional matchup I think it’ll be closer than 11 points.
Over: Packers @ Ravens O46.5
Both of these teams are obviously very good right now and have offenses that can score. Also I bet Aaron Rodgers for the under last week and that failed in the first half of the game.
Under: Vikings @ Bears U44.5
While I think the Vikings will beat the Bears convincingly because it is what they do to bad teams. I don’t see the game being high scoring at all.

Last Week Busts: (2-2)
Jaguars @ Titans -8.5 – W
Lions +10.5 @ Broncos – L
Ravens @ Browns O42.5 – W
Bears @ Packers U43 – L

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