One more week :/

OBJ ass punch

Giants @ Bears (3-29)
Well this is what we all new Mike Glennon could do, absolute beast. For real though, Andy Dalton did well and the Giants might be the worst team in football at this point in the season and it is disgusting that the Eagles lost to them at one point. For the Bears, this game was meaningless to everyone, they don’t even have a first round pick and there is no way Nagy keeps his job so it really meant nothing for anyone other than the pride of the players.

Jaguars @ Patriots (10-50)
This whole season I’ve shat on Trevor Lawrence saying he’s a bust and talk a lot of shit. While I don’t actually like him, I was for the most part exaggerating and didn’t actually think of him in that way. However, now it was clear I was right in saying all that shit. Regardless of him playing Bill Belichick, 50-10 is a clear sign it’s more than just a dysfunctional coaching staff. They only got to 10 thanks to a last second touchdown against the last players on the Patriots bench. The entire Patriots team looked great and I think if the stars align then they can go far in the playoffs. Not a hot take, this should be universally agreed upon.

Rams @ Ravens (20-19)
If it weren’t for OBJ (who is good at football) and Cooper Kupp, the Rams might have 4 less wins this season. They are going to win the NFC West too. But since the half way point in the season, Matt Stafford has been ass for a good portion of their games. He threw 3 INT’s and his receivers bailed him out in the second half. Even the week before, his interceptions weren’t just unfortunate turnovers, they were just bad, possibly the worst pick thrown by any QB all year. When they played the Vikings.

Buccaneers @ Jets (28-24)
Out of context this might be one of the most confusing images in NFL history. The Tom Brady led Bucs are down by two touchdowns to the New York Jets shown on top of a still image of Antonio Brown, shirtless, running off the field in the middle of the game. The Bucs did end up scoring a touchdown just after on this drive and obviously ended up winning (but not covering). The story told by the dude who picked him up after the game said that he was pissed he wasn’t getting the ball and quit on the spot after Bruce Arians probably told him to quit bitching. However, I did hear also that apparently he didn’t want to go in the rest of the drive because his ankle was hurting and his coach said that means he’s out the rest of the game so he threw a fit and left. Who knows what the reason is, I honestly am not even convinced AB is even done this season, the Bucs are so thin at WR that it wouldn’t surprise me if he gets taken back during playoffs. If not, then good for the Eagles who will most likely be playing the Bucs during wildcard weekend.

Falcons @ Bills (15-29)
Buffalo let the Falcons hang in this game way longer than they should have and even though they’re going to end up winning the AFC East, I’m still more worried about them in the playoffs than I would be for New England. Josh Allen looked awesome to start the game, two rushing touchdowns just himself, but then he threw like 3 straight interceptions. And I’ve also come to realize, because both players have the same idea to never give up on a play and always do literally anything possible to keep it going, Josh Allen and Carson Wentz are almost the same player, except of course Josh Allen is a lot better of a quarterback and athlete.

Chiefs @ Bengals (31-34)
This game was exactly what I wanted. The over hit (almost in the first half) and the Bengals won. Joe Burrow is electric and so it the entire offense. Ja’Marr Chase can do whatever he wants against any defense in the league. He is without a doubt Offensive Rookie of the Year and it isn’t close at this point, additionally, Joe Burrow has to be Comeback Player of the Year. And with how many points went up as quick as they did, clearly the Chiefs weren’t having just an off game, the Bengals just kept pace with them and never let it get out of hand to keep within striking distance. It just came down to the defense and Ja’Marr Chase, plus whoever had the ball last. Penalties let Cincy keep it longer than maybe they should’ve but that’s how it goes sometimes.

Dolphins @ Titans (3-34)
Because of the Chiefs choking, that did return the 1st seed in the AFC to the Titans who blew it with a few crippling losses due to their plethora of injuries. Luckily they have been getting guys back like AJ Brown and Henry is suppose to be back in the playoffs and if they win next week to secure the bye week then that has to be best case scenario for them. This game though man, wow the Dolphins crumbled. 7 straight wins to not even showing signs of life. Tua did not look how he has over that stretch. While it is unfortunate to see it go down like that, they still have to be happy with Tua being able to show quality signs of him being their guy for the future, just didnt pan out this season in which nobody expected it to to start though.

Raiders @ Colts (23-20)
Biggg Props to the Raiders for hanging on to beat Indy. I honestly feel like Derek Carr might not be in Las Vegas next season but for the remainder of their season I wanna see them succeed. If there is anyway possible for the Raiders and Chargers to both still make the playoffs this year, if they tie or something next week, then I am going to root for that. Overall, I think this game was a) confusing and b) fucked over a lot of people’s bets. With the season on the line though, the Raiders showed tf up so good on ya Vegas.

Eagles @ WFT (20-16)
The result of this was inevitable. Just like the last time they played, WFT went up early but Philly figured it out. I was never seriously worried about this game, which is weird considering the stakes of it all. I would’ve like to have won by a few more points but at the end of the day it does not matter. We ended up clinching so I’m stoked either way, next week doesn’t really matter win or loss, there is like an 80% chance we are playing Tampa in the wildcard round which honestly would be best case scenario if we actually want to win. They’re weak at WR, especially now, and our DB’s has to be our weak spot on defense so that kind of works out, sort of. Not good to bet on that vs. Tom Brady but I’ll take what I can get. Anyways, I know if we somehow win that wildcard game I am going to be fully bought back in and believe anything can happen and Super Bowl is a realistic possibility.

Broncos @ Chargers (13-34)
Honestly, this game was pretty irrelevant. The Chargers won – as they should have. Broncos, in shambles on offense even with Drew Lock. I really don’t remember seeing this game on Redzone very much at all. I know Keenan Allen, Mike Williams and Austin Ekeler all played well and if that happens, the Chargers are who we thought they were early season which does not happen very often. Like I said for the Raiders, I hope both these teams can somehow find a way to make playoffs next week.

Texans @ 49ers (7-23)
San Fran did what they needed. Without Jimmy G and Trey Lance starting, they definitely weren’t looking elite but they won and still have a good spot in the playoffs. For next week they have a good chance to fuck over the Rams home field advantage hopes if they beat them. Also, that allows for the Cardinals to snake back into the NFC West champ spot, whether they deserve that or not isn’t really relevant. Not much to say about this game, Jimmy G did not play and the 49ers still won, congrats to them, set themselves up well this season. Also, mad props to Kyle Shanahan I guess, he almost lost his job at the mid point of the season and turned it completely 180 degrees.

Lions @ Seahawks (29-51)
This game went on for way too long. It was the last of the late games to end and I honestly don’t think a single person cared, attended or even watched this game with interest. Amon-ra St. Brown is proving to be a baller wideout and is even more proof that USC is WRU, Drake London is going to be a beast next year wherever he gets drafted. Aside from that, I don’t know how the Seahawks even scored 50+, that’s pointless and weird? Was this Russ’ last game in Seattle??? Personally, wouldn’t mind that, I could see him on a different team and succeeding, I don’t love him but when he’s fully healthy he is still a top 10 QB probably and no matter what he’s gonna be a great leader.

Cardinals @ Cowboys (25-22)
Stoked for Arizona here even though I originally wanted Dallas to win in hopes of resting starters week 18. No one really gave them that considerable of a chance this game but they prevailed so hell yeah Cardinals. Their offense played well without James Conner too, Kyler Murray was relatively untouched and it wasn’t until late when the Cowboys made it seem like a closer game. Zeke couldn’t get anything going (which fucked my parlay) but I’m not mad about it whatever dude. Cards have a big game next week, Cowboys it isn’t really up to them so they should rest starters so they can be 100% wildcard round and let the Eagles win their last game of the season.

Panthers @ Saints (10-18)
Fuck everything about this game. At least the under hit? The Saints for some reason wouldn’t give Kamara the ball and when they did it was just so he could get railed by the Panthers defense. For Carolina, I don’t know where they need to go first to adjust their team. Definitely need a quarterback but does that mean they get rid of both Sam Darnold and Cam or just one? Sam Darnold, while he was very not good Sunday, I would still be happy to have him as a backup, I just think it’s time the rest of the teams in the NFL realize he is not a #1 guy in this league.

Vikings @ Packers (10-37)
The only difference if Kirk Cousins plays this game is that Justin Jefferson probably scores a touchdown. Packers are who we think they are. Aaron Rodgers is easily the back to back MVP, I don’t care if he is controversial for his anti-vax shit (which yes, is stupid, but he is just so fucking good and also unsurprising from him). About halfway through the season I was convinced Minnesota was a shoe-in for the post season but I am so happy they got fucked up down the stretch and aren’t making it anymore.

Browns @ Steelers (14-26)
An emotional game that honestly had me hoping Ben doesn’t retire by the end of it. With how big of a deal they made the ceremony/celebration there is no way that meant anything other than thank you but please be done. Without every part of the game being centered around his last time at Heinz field, this game was pretty boring overall. Baker is hurt still obviously and is getting surgery now that his season is over, Cleveland just looked bad in almost every facet. Najee Harris was able to get in a groove and definitely won a lot of people some money Monday night, myself included. Oh and also TJ Watt, 2021 Defensive Player of the Year, better break the sack record next week and the Ravens should just fall over and let him get it next week.
I don’t want Ben to go even though it absolutely has to be done. Miss him already. :/ I’m happy for him though, one of the all time unintentionally funniest players to play the game. And other than Brady, probably the last QB I grew up with throughout my whole childhood. Bless up BB7

Excited for next week. *insert handshake emoji*

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