An 18 week regular season is genius

pls refer to my preview of week 18 blog for references back to my dumbass-ery

WFT @ Giants (22-7)
Honestly this game, like many this week, did not matter at all. All this game did was prove just how bad the Giants are and Joe Judge assured he would no longer have a job. As of today he has officially been fired and for good reason, the Giants were the most untalked about worst team in the league. I think most people just forgot about them, myself included. Next.

Bengals @ Browns (16-21)
This game also wasn’t super important clearly. The Bengals decided to rest their starters because they were secure with the AFC’s 3rd seed
With both Burrow and Baker sitting out of this game, anything can happen. Joe Mixon isn’t playing either so the Bengals offense is pretty thin which I do think is smart for them to get 100% for playoffs. Clearly a win or a loss doesn’t matter to them and without each teams starting QB in, on paper the Browns are probably better simply because of their defense (aka Myles Garrett). 6 points does still seem like a lot so I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bengals still cover this if not win because obviously one person can’t do everything.

Steelers @ Ravens (16-13)
I should have bet the under on this game I don’t know why I didn’t realize that. The Steelers are the kings of road unders. That isn’t even a top 2 part of this game though. TJ Watt tied Strahan’s sack record and was absolutely ROBBED from breaking it. They ended up revoking a strip sack that happened in the first half that would’ve have given it to him. Regardless, he only played like 14 games and is just a beast. Most players get paid for what they’ve done and cool off after they get a nice new contract, TJ got better after he got his money and deserves all the accolades and credit for it (DPOY). Then, lastly, congrats to Pittsburg and Big Ben for earning themselves the 7th seed in the playoffs. I honestly can talk myself into the Steelers beating the Chiefs next week, anything can happen wildcard weekend.

Packers @ Lions (30-37)
Well I couldn’t have been much more wrong about this game. As soon as Aaron Rodgers and Davante realized that they had to actually try this game they dipped which is honestly pretty smart on their part. Good for the Lions, not only getting another win (and missing out on the #1 pick) but also they fought so hard throughout the whole season and Dan Campbell cares so much about his men it can never be upsetting to see his team win.

Colts @ Jaguars (11-26)
I wish I had listened to myself a week ago. I was on the verge of taking the Jaguars to cover but talked myself out of it thinking the Colts would be motivated to make the playoffs. I was wrong, again. They fucking sucked big PP. The Jaguars led by more than two scores a large portion of this game and lost a lot of people money. I don’t even think I could watch the playoffs if the Eagles were in that situation and choked to a team like that to fuck it all up. I hope all Colts fans are doing well right now.

Bears @ Vikings (17-31)
This game could’ve gone either way with it being the last week of the season. I honestly don’t remember seeing the end of this one, I thought the Bears won to be frank. I remember nothing of this aside from Andy Dalton doing one cool thing. Best thing that came out of this is that both head coaches were fired by dawn the next day. It was beautiful.

Titans @ Texans (28-25)
Titans did what they were suppose to. Texans did keep it close enough to make them uncomfortable. However, this final score does not reflect how they were dominated for a large majority of the game but managed to make it close at the end. Titans lock up the 1 seed in the AFC and make the Chiefs have to go through Nashville if they want to go back to the Super Bowl. Honestly, the Cowboys and the Chiefs are the only two teams I actually do not want to see win it this year. I would even be fine if the Patriots pulled it off. Anyways, good for the Titans, stoked for them and Mike Vrabel, they all deserve this after balling all year and fighting through injuries.

Saints @ Falcons (30-20)
Matt Ryan confirmed he’s not done and I think pretty much everybody is happy with that. The only people who might not be that I can think of are Atlanta fans themselves who probably want someone new. I do think they end up drafting someone in a mid to late round that can ride the bench under Matt Ryan next season until something happens where he’ll get his chance. Also, Calvin Ridley apparently is not interested in being a Falcon come next season, would love to see him in Midnight Green in Philly. Anyways, this game happened. That’s about all I should have to say, no one cares.

Seahawks @ Cardinals (38-30)
Hey good for Russ and the Hawks to not just throw this game away. I really did not expect them to do that. I really think Russ will stay in Seattle but somehow someway if he doesn’t then he is still a very highly desired guy to have on your team. He could make an average team good and be a good leader to pump up the whole team. The Cardinals did fuck themselves out of the NFC champ spot though and a home game because of the Rams loss to the niners though. Maybe that is a good thing though, they do tend to play better on the road so giga brain by Arizona actually.

Jets @ Bills (10-27)
I don’t understand how but Vegas knows everything. Bills covered the spread a gigantic spread by .5. Other than that, this game meant very minimal other than the Bills securing the AFC East but that happened no matter what since the Pats lost too. I don’t think the Jets are the worst team in New York and I don’t think they are as bad as they always are. I think this offseason could be good for them. Zach Wilson showed some positive signs toward the back half of the year. Josh Allen and the Bills though, playoff ready. I would actually be scared to play them, they have to have high expectations right now.

Panthers @ Bucs (17-41)

Patriots @ Dolphins (24-33)
Since the Bills beat the Jets this game essentially met nothing to the Patriots. They would’ve probably rather not gone into the playoffs coming off a loss but they’re just worried about round 3 against the Bills right now and I can’t wait to see this game, you know damn well it’s going to be probably the best of the whole weekend. As for the Dolphins, what the fuck are you doing firing your head coach that had a 7 game winning streak 9 wins and one game away from the playoffs. The Dolphins were a legit fun team to watch and I don’t think anyone wanted to play them all year. Including the fact that they beat the New England Patriots TWICE. Absolute blasphemy and it makes no fucking sense.

49ers @ Rams (27-24)
Good for the Niners here. With Kyle Shanahan’s job arguably being on the line early on, they clawed their way back into contention and made the yoffs. Props to them. The Rams should be thanking the Seahawks this week for keeping their NFC champ spot. Also, I think I’m just going to bet on Matt Stafford to throw a pick every game. And lastly, congrats to Cooper Kupp on the receiver’s triple crown, career year.

Chargers @ Raiders (32-35)
This game was the totally perfect way to end the 18 week season. I did want the Chargers to make the playoffs, whether it was via tie or winning out right but the Raiders played better than a lot of people expected. They were able to sneak their way back into the playoff conversation and beat some very good teams down the stretch to make it. They hung in this game the whole time. I think just about the entire audience, including TV viewers, knew this game was going into overtime from the beginning. And lastly, even though it wasn’t a tie, which literally every non-Steelers fan wanted, a last second, overtime/ game winning field goal to send the Las Vegas Raiders to the playoffs in their own stadium was pretty sweet. Good for them.

Damn I Suck at Betting: (Last Week 2-2):
Lock: Packers -3.5 @ Lions – L
Upset: Titans < Texans +10.5 – W
Over: Patriots @ Dolphins O40 – W
Under: Seahawks @ Cardinals U47.5 – L

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