Wildin’ out

I’m a little sad honestly. The beginning of the end is here. Not gonna talk about it anymore though so it doesn’t kill my spirits for this beautiful weekend of football. One of the best weekends in sports, anything can happen, upsets every day and where after-thoughts can become contenders.

Raiders @ Bengals -5.5
Joe Mixon, anytime touchdown scorer, lock. The Raiders have found a way to hang in there during the last half of the regular season and made it to the playoffs. Every team in the playoffs can catch fire and carry them throughout. I genuinely think it is possible. The Bengals shit on them in their first meeting during the regular season 32-13. Right around the time I got on the Cincy bandwagon. Joe Burrow is such a bro and I fucking love that. He is exciting as hell to watch play and I think he brings the city of Cincinnati their first win in over 30 years today. Also, Joe Burrow Over 1.5 touchdowns thrown.

Patriots @ Bills -4.5
I think this is going to be one of the best games we’ve seen all season. As each of their first two meetings were. I hope it’s high scoring but Belichick is always one of the best to keep opponents to a relatively low score. However, Josh Allen is keeping the Bills hot right now. I put a fun bet for him to be the first TD scorer of the game at +1100. Very surprised with how high that is, I know it’s unlikely but like damn, it’s still Josh Allen not like it’s that crazy. I also put money on a straight bet for Josh Allen to throw over 33.5 passes in the game. Should be record low temperature, Bills Mafia is going to be in full force, drunk as shit and rowdy as ever. This game has to be a close one no matter what, 4.5 does seem like a large margin IMO but either way I think Buffalo advances.

Eagles @ Buccaneers -8.5
I have gone this whole week thinking about this game, hearing all the shit about Brady and the Bucs and I have actually convinced myself, in the stormy weather tomorrow, the Eagles are going to win this game. Brady does Brady things, BUT they have almost no one at wide receiver fully healthy, even if they did, the storm might make them have to run the ball which overall is beneficial for Philadelphia. The DB’s, while I do think Big Play/Two-way Slay is a baller, are the weak point of Philly’s defense. So removing as much of the passing game as possible from the Bucs offense is what they need. On the Eagles offensive side, the run game is by far our strong suit and Tampa’s defense, while good, can be punctured and ran through. I think if we get Jalen Hurts running and Miles Sanders the ball early to establish it we can control how this game goes. I think the key for the Eagles keeping pace with the Bucs is scoring early and eliminating the pass game for Tom Brady.

49ers @ Cowboys -3.5
I hope this is a good game. When Dallas is on, they can put up 40+ and route even good teams. Micah Parsons is sure to break through and cause havoc against the Niners O-line. That’s inevitable. But, I think if Deebo starts the game hot and controls the offense well then they’ve got a chance. Don’t put the weight of the game on Jimmy G or this is going to be a short playoff stint for San Francisco. I don’t think that’s a hot take. As handsome as he is, Garoppolo is not anything crazy. It’s actually funny to think about how only 2 years ago he led the Niners to a Super Bowl and almost won it too. Regardless, I hope they keep it close and Dallas doesn’t perform on par. Need SF to punch them in the mouth early and don’t let them establish a run game so Dak is forced to throw the ball and make plays on his own.

Steelers @ Chiefs -12.5
The only reason this makes sense for the Sunday Night game is that there is a strong possibility for this to be Big Ben’s last game ever. I hope not and would love to see them pull off what is likely to be the biggest upset of the post season. Being such heavy underdogs can be a blessing in disguise. If the Chiefs come out lackadaisical without determination, and Najee has 200+ yards, Juju scores twice, Ben loses 20 pounds, Andy Reid gets covid, and Jackson Mahomes is on the sideline then they can definitely, with out any doubt, cover the spread. Lock. God I hope the Chiefs choke this year.

Cardinals @ Rams -3.5
Even though the game is in Los Angeles I really think the Cardinals are better on the road and the Rams always struggle with other NFC West opponents. It’s crazy that it was this season that the Cardinals started out 7-0 or whatever it was. That feels so long ago. I don’t know who is going to be healthy and playing by Monday for Arizona but the Rams could take advantage of their weak spots. I really don’t know what will happen here. Part of me does want the Rams to win because their the southern California team but also, I don’t give a shit about the Rams whatsoever and I like to see them lose sometimes. I don’t think they are a top contender this season and Matt Stafford isn’t looking hot as the regular season came to a close. I will be betting for him to throw at least 1 interception Monday night. However, for Arizona, I don’t think Kyler is good enough to do it on his own so James Conner and the Arizona defense need to have a day for them to convince me they can pick it up for the playoffs. Totally possible. It’s always hard for me to bet on them too, not even because they lost to the Lions this season but more so just because Kyler Murray’s head is gigantic and it doesn’t fit his body. Also he runs weird.


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