Week 11 Resultas

Once again, all the good teams are bad and all the bad teams are good. Fun fact: Every team that plays on Thanksgiving this year lost on Sunday this week. Crazy, I know. I’m gonna be honest, I must’ve blacked out because I hardly remember anything from Sunday’s games. I didn’t even play that manyContinue reading “Week 11 Resultas”

Reacting to Week 10

Fortunately, I was able to make it back home from my weekend excursions before halftime of the early games! And this weekend I thought had some pretty good matchups, was happy I ended up getting to enjoy my 7 hours of commercial free football! I’m writing this as the Rams and 49ers game is startingContinue reading “Reacting to Week 10”

NFL Week 10 Slate:

No pictures or links this week because I’m finishing this while in a moving car. I really hope I’m able to watch I’m able to watch some more football this weekend than I was last week when I went to Philly. Unfortunately, my friends and I are going to some lake for the weekend andContinue reading “NFL Week 10 Slate:”